Parents and Studying Abroad: Getting Them on Board

So, you're ready to take that leap of faith and leave the comfort of your day-to-day routine for an internship abroad. Although you're confident in your abilities to tackle responsibility, jet lag and a little culture shock, it's not uncommon for your parents to have their reservations about sending their child overseas where you're not necessarily a text message away. Parents and studying abroad can a sticky combination

Fall 2012 Intern, Katie, in Florence, Italy.

 We hold ourselves accountable to you and your parents at Global Experiences. Ensuring you have the best experience possible, safety included, is our number one priority.

1. When Parents Have Questions, We Have Answers

Global Experiences if here for you and your parents each and every step of the way. Send an email or call your program consultant whenever a question comes to mind, no matter how trivial it may seem, we’re here for you.

2. Show Them You Can Handle This

Write a list of questions, research the city and surrounding area, revamp your resume and cover letter: these are all easy tasks that display your enthusiasm and commitment to interning abroad.

3. Call When You Say You're Going to Call

Upon arriving in your new city, give yourself a day or two to figure out if/where you have internet connection and how your international phone works. From there out, call, email, or Skype your parents when you say you’re going to! By doing this you’ll instill their confidence in you as a responsible traveling adult. If not, they’ll just worry.

Parents and studying abroad: Global Experiences has resources for students and parents alike. Learn more today!

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