Like Alice in Wonderland

I never actually wanted to go to New York. I always thought I was such a European girl and that US is so far away from my dreams, interests, habits… my family, my friends...everything that makes me who I am. I thought NYC was too big, too dirty, too fake and overrated.

But then a marketing internship opportunity came up with Global Experiences and I said to myself: Are you going to turn down NY? From the professional side it must be highly advantageous, so I decided to take my chances, bring all my strengths up and hit the road. I said: You are going to NY. You are going to hate it but employers are going to love it on your CV. “She worked in PR in Manhattan ”… that was the only thing keeping me inspired.

Then I arrived. Then I fell in love. Instantly. Since then I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Maybe just a few short impressions will make you understand.

My second day here I attended The Fashion Week. But how? My boss introduced me to their Head of Marketing and Communications and she got me in. Just like that. Me, Lea, from this small country called Serbia, entering that arena of celebrities through a separate VIP entrance? Too much.

I am writing pitches for Vogue and collaborating with top NYC agencies. There was a casting here in our office 2 days ago – so much beauty and glory in one room and me in charge of it all.

I met Lee Stafford, UK’s celebrity hair stylist (btw: our client) yesterday and kept laughing at his jokes for hours. I am on my job, laughing for hours - no one ever told me that being a grown up professional is going to be anything like this.

Today we had Lee live on CBS. I was in the studio - making sure it all goes just perfect. So many people. So many cameras. So much excitement and energy. And me - right there in the back stage. In my best shoes.

The segment with Lee was an extraordinary success! Apart from that, I got the chance to meet people I could only dream to get the opportunity to meet. And THOSE people commented on my shoes.

Yeah, and a limo came to pick me up in the morning.

Superficial? Maybe. Just too excited and honest? Definitively.

I love my internship! I love the people I work with. I love their morning smile, their enthusiasm, I love that we share the same passion. I love that they value my work and have trust in me. Most of all - I love the fact that I never want to leave the office (not even for the Happy Hour).

Well… I should better get back to work. There are some hot stories waiting for me to cover.


I’ll keep you posted (whenever my fabulous NYC life allows me)



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