Hosting a GE Intern: All the Perks, None of the Work!

Jessica Burns

Need extra help in the office, but overwhelmed by the idea of taking on an intern? Concerned that it will be too hard to organize the process? Worried that the student you bring on won’t be reliable? Thinking you don’t have the time to vet students and sort through resumes? Let us do the work. At Global Experiences we take the work out of hiring interns by supporting the employer and the intern throughout the entire process. 

Need help writing a job description? Check- we can help with that. Looking to internationalize your staff? Check we can help with that. Concerned about structuring an internship? Stop worrying, we make the process a breeze. Oh and did we mention that it is FREE?!

The process is very simple with 3 steps:

  • Let’s talk! To get started, our Placement specialists will get to know you, your business, and how an intern will benefit you.
  • Candidates come to you! With hundreds of students participating in our programs each year we find the right match for your team and send them your way to review.
  • Say hello to your intern! Get ready to welcome your intern with the peace of mind that he/she is ready and eager to begin and is supported by Global Experiences.

Global Experiences' interns participate in our career development training before and during their internship giving you confidence that they are reliable, professional and invested in contributing to your company.

DC Intern

Benefits of hosting an intern are not only the cost effective benefit, but also their skills, fresh ideas and motivation to succeed. Many of our host employers find that they have such a wonderful experience that they continue to host exceptional international interns through our program again and again.

Our students come from all over the world requiring work experience placements in all industries. Check out our video about recruiting top talent to join your team!

Here is a more in depth look at the recruitment process from start to finish.

Inquiry Phase

Help shape a young professional's future, host an intern! To get started you can call or email us or fill out our Employer Inquiry Form. We love to speak to potential employers and we will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions. During this phase we get to know our partners by learning more about their business, work culture, office environment and intern needs. We seek to have a greater understanding of what working in your office is like day to day so we can make the best match and set accurate expectations for the student. We take all these factors into account when matching you with your student.

We will also walk you through our partnership process, program details, discuss student profiles and the matching process, as well as the internship timeline. One of the most frequently asked questions by employers is: “What are your students studying?” The answer: “ Everything.” From Marketing majors to Environmental Science and everything in between, we have students from all areas of study. Most of our students are in their third and fourth year of university and are looking to gain practical skills in their field of study to complement their coursework and bridge the gap between college and career.

We work with both large and small organizations; some of our employers host one student in one department and others host students in several departments. Our employer relationship is ongoing and after you become a partner of ours, we will continue to work with you to evaluate your needs, assist with your internship when needed, train your new colleagues on our process, and add internship opportunities as needed.


Intern and Supervisor

In this phase we select the students to match with a potential internship and we present them to you as a candidate. We find success most often in matching students to employers by relying on our thorough understanding of the following details: the internship position, the organization and culture, the student’s background and strengths, and the student’s goals. In most hiring processes one side, the employer or candidate, is well versed in what they offer however by partnering with us, Global Experiences uses an understanding of both sides and suggests the best match. Consistently, 9/10 the first match we make is successful on both sides. you’re offering along with your organization’s profile we select a student. The process of making a great match comes from excellent partnerships, skill, and finesse developed from over 16 years of experience.


Once the match has been confirmed, it’s time to get excited about hosting your intern! We get it - your focus is on your company so rely on us as the internship expert. You will receive a formal internship confirmation with your intern’s details including emergency contact information and information for our staff on the ground. We encourage all host employers to stay connected with our team and take advantage of our simple to use tools and support to take the stress out of preparation and hosting interns.

Employer Support and Benefits

We will provide you with everything you need in order to have a successful experience hosting an intern. If you have never hosted an intern before the process can seem a bit overwhelming. We can assist in every aspect, including helping you create a job description, training plan, and come up with a curriculum to follow for the internship period.

DC Government Intern

We provide tools and best practices to support you and your staff starting with the first week of on-boarding interns and throughout the internship. Employers tell us that our interns are the most prepared interns that they have ever welcomed to their company which reduces the time needed for the intern to acclimate to the new organization and allows the intern to contribute more quickly. Best of all, as an employer, you can feel confident and comfortable having Global Experiences as an additional level of support to the intern throughout the process as well.

Student Support Details

Unique to our program is the extensive support provided by GE staff so students can focus on their internship. Accommodations, travel insurance, onsite support and career/cultural training are all provided by our staff in order to round out the overall internship experience.
Our students receive 15+ hours of one on one career development and Pre-departure support before they arrive in your city. We are partnered with Gallup Education and all of our students take the StrengthsFinder assessment and are coached on their top 5 strengths, what they mean, and how to utilize their strengths in the workplace. Where necessary, we assist the student with the visa application process so you don’t have to field calls or worry about legalities of hosting an international student.

Once on location, our staff provides support beginning with a welcome orientation within a day of arrival to help the students bond with staff and other interns, adjust to the city, and prepare for their first day of the internship. To help them get off to a smooth start, the students receive assistance in navigating the commute from their accommodation to their internship to reduce stress of traveling in a new city; students arrive on their first day on time and ready to start.

During the program our location staff stays connected with our interns by hosting cultural and social events, conducting internship site visits, and delivering an exit orientation. Additionally, our location staff is there to assist our students in case of an emergency. All of these program factors assist our students to be well prepared and supported to live and work in a unfamiliar, exciting city.

Don’t just take it from us, hear from our interns and employers!

Student Voices

Barcelona Intern

There are so many benefits to hosting an international student. By hosting a student employers are making a difference in the lives of young professionals. Living and working in a different culture and opens minds and exposes them to new opportunities. While many of our students have already traveled internationally, many are leaving home for the first time when they participate in a Global Experiences Program. This can be a scary prospect for some, one that is made easier because of our track record of exceptional host employers. Our students are confident that they are going to get an excellent well rounded experience.

We asked Hannah, a psychology intern in London why she chose to work abroad: “I decided to intern abroad because I wanted to expand my worldview while also honing my professional skill set. Internships for my field in the United States are often extremely competitive and do not provide you with much hands on experience, and since I have interned abroad before I knew it was my best chance at immersing myself in my desired field while also immersing myself in a new culture.”

For Kaylee, a Towson University student from Maryland, her Graphic Design internship this Summer was her first trip abroad. “I wanted to show myself that I could do anything I put my mind to, regardless of my challenges. I wanted to take a step closer to my independence and break free from the comfort of routine by putting myself far away from home. I wanted to show myself and the world just how strong I can be.”

Josiah, our Theatre intern, spent the summer in Dublin. “This experience taught me that the world is massive, and that our jobs as humans isn't to make change everywhere in the world. We need to start with our own communities and spread love to the people around us!”

Employer Feedback

Through our close partnerships with host employers we focus on assessing placement success by consistent communication and requests for feedback throughout the host experience.

A host employer in Florence stated one of the reasons he preferred hosting GE interns was because they are “full of energy and creativity, genuine, and eager to learn. They provide insight and feedback from another cultural perspective, and help us get up to speed with new technology and social media.”

Additionally, employers describe our seamless process and internship support as a reason they partner with GE along with our interns desire to contribute from the start. “My experience at Global Experiences has been very good. Each year we have been put forward some really incredible candidates. People that they think will make a difference to our business, and people who have genuine hunger to come and work here to understand what we do and make a real contribution. In terms of the Global Experiences team who facilitate the internships, they are very easy to work with. Very straightforward and good timely information. It is a very smooth and easy process.” - Business host employer London.

Some of our employers love working with us so much that they have sent their own children on our programs! One our host employers from New York City sent her daughter on our program in Dublin. She describes her experience as follows, "The individualized attentiveness and thoughtfulness of all GE staff has been wonderful. I came to GE hoping for help finding an internship in a very specific, competitive field, and GE has met and exceeded these hopes while providing me with ample kindness, consideration, and support."

There you have it!

With over 15 years in the industry we have fine tuned every aspect of the international internship. We have a proven record of happy students and happy employers. Get started! Give us a call, fill out an inquiry form. We value our ongoing relationships with host employers and look forward to creating lasting new partnerships. It is really that easy after all, with all the perks and none of the work.

"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." - Jack Welch.

Be a leader. Host an intern.

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