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With an environmental science internship, you’ll learn about environmental initiatives and activities all while being in an international work environment. Being part of the progressive career field like environmental science will give interns a variety of task in a wide range of settings. Your internships can be heavily research based including field research.

You could have the opportunity to reach out to media outlets, organizations, individuals, and important decisions makers to gain their support for environmental causes or possibly be involved with environmental engineering. Have a look at our sample list of placements and locations to have a better understanding of what all an international environmental internships can offer.

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Alyssa Sydney

Alyssa L.

Sydney, Australia
Careerfield: Marine Biology

Macquarie University

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Environmental Studies Internship Examples - Select Your Destination

Featured Internships

Research Intern in Marine Science Institute

Research Intern in Marine Science Institute

This Sydney-based marine institute is a center-point for research and conducts multidisciplinary marine research across five core research themes urbanization, biodiversity, climate change, ocean resources, and marine management. The organization also collaborates with universities and supports their marine science students and research initiatives. Internship tasks may include lab research, monitoring phytoplankton samples, analyzing samples by microscopy, conducting growth experiments, participating in field research as needed, and assisting in a lab environment.

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Coastal Environmental Advocacy Internship

Coastal Environmental Advocacy Internship

This government-run advocacy and community resource center is responsible for maintaining an environmental sustainable community in the Sydney suburb of Manly Beach. Interns with a background in environmental policy and community development will obtain firsthand experience with the interaction between private businesses and local government in sustainable practices

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Environmental Management Policy

Environmental Business Practice in Sydney

Founded over 20 years ago, this company began its journey on raising awareness on the role of environment management industry. It has since been appointed a global network partner for sustainable development, become a founding partner in the establishment of the Australian Business and Biodiversity Initiative, and numerous other environmental advocacy actions.

The ideal candidate will have background in policy writing and sustainable solutions. Candidates are expected to conduct research and draft reports to be developed in discussion.

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Farming Internship in Ireland

Environmental Internship on Generations-Old Farm

This farm remains a thriving, bustling enterprise with four main activities; cattle, sheep, tillage, and forestry. It operates an extensive farming system with best-practice animal welfare, using minimal artificial fertilizer and with an acre of grassland per every sheep. The intern will contribute to project and outreach efforts such as possibly starting a farmer's market and assisting in transporting goods, assist with grant applications, analyze the environmental impact of events on the farm, and learn how to mitigate any environmental conflicts that may arise.

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Marine Research Internship

Marine Research Internship

This lab makes discoveries that lead to solutions to global challenges. Through access to hands-on research and world-class faculty, their interns become leaders who transform the world. Sample tasks may include conducting fieldwork - involving sampling seaweed and invertebrates on coastal artificial structures and natural rocky shores on Ireland's east coast, sampling ecosystem processes and setting up experimental deployments of novel materials, and handling and analyzing data.

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Environmental Research Internship

Environmental Research

An Irish environmental charity that empowers individuals and local communities to take positive action to conserve our natural resources is looking for an intern with a passion for environmental preservation and policies. Some intern tasks include but are not limited to research relevant environmental issues, compile research into reports, create social media, and marketing content.

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Field Internship for Environment NGO

Field Internship for Environmental NGO

This organization acts as a strong advocate on a broad range environmental issues, including promoting energy efficiency, protecting our open spaces, cleaning up our air and water, and to advancing global warming solutions. They speak out and take action at the local, state, and national levels to protect our precious natural resources. Intern tasks vary by season, however, responsibilities can include conducting research into critical environmental problems and preparing investigative reports, coordinating media events, assisting in the preparation of news releases and opinion pieces and even working with coalition partners and state-based environment federations.

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Environmental Policy

Environmental Advocacy

A national environmental NGO based in Washington is looking for an legislative intern to help in the fight for environmental policy reform! Students with a passion for environmental preservation and politics will find this placement to be an amazing introduction to legislative lobbying and research in the nation's capital. Some tasks included but are not limited to: research and reports, organize media events, build national coalitions, and lobby governmental or corporate decision-makers in support of specific policy proposals.

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International Environmental Advocacy

International Environmental Advocacy

This international environmental organization is based in Washington,D.C. with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan. Founded in 1996 by a group of scientists and professionals concerned with China's environmental problems, the company aims to ensure a healthy global environment and continued economic development by helping China solve its environmental problems. Interns conduct research on environmental issues related to China, contribute to research papers and reports, and attend some seminars/meetings, etc. in town and submit summary reports from these events.

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Ecology Internship Abroad

Agriculture and Ecology Internship

This is the only charity working on an international scale to create greener cities. Since 1993, they have engaged over 70,000 people to plant over 600,000 urban trees in parks, streets, schools, and housing estates across the UK, as well as internationally, revitalizing these areas and improving the lives of the people who live in them. Interns support the Projects Team to deliver in line with their annual operational plan, high-quality edible playground and urban forest projects, produce detailed site surveys, gather information to inform and validate design development and develop creative opportunities for community involvement through the preparation of activities, workshops, presentations, talks, walks, and organizing fun, creative and inclusive community events.

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Environmental Internship Abroad

Environment Protection Internship

This internship is with a charity dedicated to helping people and organizations protect and enhance the environment. Their work focuses on preserving and protecting green spaces and biodiversity, promoting sustainability and community development, and supporting environmental groups to achieve their goals. Interns will provide support with crowdfunding campaigns, help review the Biodiversity Action Plan before publishing it, help organize a launch event, and much more.

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Environmental Policy Internship

Environmental Research Internship

This Environmental Policy Organization comprises of a research-intensive faculty group that have been central to national and international debates and policy action. Interns learn about the EU Single Use Plastic (SUP) Directive and other relevant directives, administer a literature review of the different policy instruments available to influence individual behavior, particularly in the waste reduction area, and devise policy recommendations based on the findings of the SUP Directive.

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Environmental Internship in Costa Rica

NGO Serving Costa Rica's Environment

This internship is with a non-profit non-governmental organization established in 1962 and with its central office in San Jose, Costa Rica. This organization is dedicated to the acquisition and application of knowledge related to the lasting relationship of human beings with the physical and biological resources of the tropics. Interns will support the production of the Great Green Macaw Census documentary, the production of the transmedia Institutional Memory Recovery, and taking backing material in our Private Reserves Net.

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Climate Change Internship

Internship on Climate Change

This NGO advocates for the public's right to participate in the climate governance process. The goal is to work with other organizations as a climate knowledge agent and it seeks to draw attention to the need to respond to the adverse impacts of climate change on our communities. Interns will participate in online activism, contribute to the production/organization of webinars, podcast, or other contents, and research on Human Rights and Climate Change.

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Virtual Environmental Internship

Virtual Environmental Internship

This internship is with a non-profit non-governmental organization established in 1962 and with its central office in San Jose, Costa Rica. This organization is dedicated to the acquisition and application of knowledge related to the lasting relationship of human beings with the physical and biological resources of the tropics. Interns will supporting the "Digital Library" that aims to be a repository of research, papers, data and other pieces of specialized knowledge, review materials and devise pieces of pedagogical communication in order to disseminate it in a way that is useful information for less specialized audiences, create proposals for the development of communication pieces for the dissemination of research and knowledge.

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