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In the city of Milan, it is essential to find the best spots for aperitivo [like Happy Hour drinks and food]. You need to go to a restaurant that offers amazing cuisine, drinks and the best atmosphere! So to help all you future Milan interns, I have compiled a list of my top five restaurants that offer aperitivo here in Milan!


1. Old Fashion

Viale Emilio Alemagna 6, 20121 Milano

Stop: La Stazione Cardona (Metro Lines: green and red).

Old Fashion is a very popular discoteca (club) here in Milan.  The club also offers aperitivo as well. It is famous for its themed international weeks.  So far this summer I have seen Italian, Mexican and Brazilian themes. The theme for the week also determines what food will be served during aperitivo. Also I will let you in on a little secret... this is the only spot in Milan where I have seen chicken wings as a part of aperitivo! The club always serves them no matter what the theme of the week is. So if you are feeling homesick or are just craving bar food, Old Fashion is the place to get a little taste of home! I will be honest though, Old Fashion isn't our favorite place for. The atmosphere tends to be quiet and slow during aperitivo time, but I have heard it picks up after 11 or 12pm. The quality of the food tends to fluctuate depending on the theme of the week, but usually it simply comes down to your own preferences for ethnic cuisine. Yet Old Fashion tends to offer the best aperitivo deal! It is 10 euro for two drinks and aperitivo. This is not common in Milan, everything is more expensive in this city. So if you are running low on cash, Old Fashion is where you can get the most for your money. The club also offers aperitivo for 5 euro in which you can still get aperitivo and one drink.

2. Noon

Via Giovanni Boccaccio 4, 20123 Milano

Stop: La Stazione Cardona (Metro Lines: green and red).

5 of the 6 Milan interns at our first aperitivo! (Left to Right: Maddi, Lauren, Me, Sarah and Keely).

Noon is a very popular for its aperitivo. Usually the restaurant gets pretty crowded during prime aperitivo time (7-9pm), but no worries because they have plenty of seating! Noon is a little more expensive compared to Old Fashion- for one drink with aperitivo it is 9 euros and then every drink after that is 9 euros as well, so if you have more than one drink your total can add up fast! Although Noon's aperitivo is buonissimo (very good!), they have a little bit of everything from pizza to popular rice dishes served here, in Milan. I have never ate anything there that I have not liked! I highly suggest trying Noon out while you all are in Milan. You will be happy you tried it!

3. Trattori Toscana

Corso di Porta Ticinese 58

Stop: Duomo (Metro Lines: red and yellow) and Tram 3.

Trattori Toscana is a great place to go for aperitivo, although it is a little more difficult to find-  instead of only taking the metro, you must take a tram as well. The whole restaurant is located outside, except for its kitchen! It's known for its beautiful garden equip with a bar with tasty drinks. I will say though that Milan tends to get very hot in the summer months, so I would recommend going on a nice cool evening instead of in the sticky heat. Believe me, you will be glad you waited! Trattori Toscana is reasonably prized at 7 euros for one drink including their aperitivo. The restaurant also has an amazing atmosphere, which makes it the perfect spot for your evening. Watch out for the drinks though- they tend to be a little strong, but are very delicious!

4. Yguana

Via Papa Gregorio XIV 16

Stop: Sant' Ambrogio (Metro Line: green) and Tram or Taxi.

Yguana is a prime aperitivo spot! Yuguana has it all, a lively atmosphere with delicious food and huge list of drinks to choose from! Their aperitivo consists of bruchetta, foccia pizza, pasta, bread and much more! The menu is filled with about 5 pages of drinks they have to offer, anything from beer to wine to  piña colodas. If you like cocktails this is the place to go! Yguana is a little more on the expensive side with it costing 10 euros for one drink and apertivo, but in my opinion it's worth every cent! One downside is that Yguana is always crowded, so it is difficult to find a table. I would suggest trying to go a little earlier or a little later so you are not feeling to crowded!

5. La Ringhiera

Porta Ticinese 5, 20143 Milano

Stop: Porta Genova (Metro Line: green).

La Ringhiera, out of all the aperitivi, is my favorite so far! Last week our Global Experiences Milan rep. Vanessa took us there -- it was amazing! It's located right by the canals in Porta Genova. So while you snack on aperitivo, you also get a beautiful view of the sunset across the water in the early evening! In Milan, these canals are called "navagli." So if you hear people saying they are going to navagli for the night that means they are going to see the beautiful canals. This is a very popular spot for aperitivo at night, most of the young Milanese are found gathering near the long stretch of water. This restaurant has it all- from great tasting food to a lively atmosphere filled with cocktails. You all must go to La Ringhiera while your in Milan- you won't regret it!


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