14 Best Travel Podcasts to Inspire Your Wanderlust

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Wandering the world is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. Exploring new cultures will make your heart race and you’ll come back a better person from your travels. However, there are a lot of questions about how to travel, what to do, and what to see. 

To find the answers, there are plenty of awesome travel podcasts focused on everything travel related. There are stories to spark your wanderlust, advice to help save you money, guides to cities, and so much more. Read over our list of the best travel podcasts and get your journey started.

1. Extra Pack of Peanuts

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Extra Pack of Peanuts is here to prove that seeing the world can be more than just a pipe dream. Hosted by couple Travis and Heather Sherry, this podcast is meant to inspire as well as give practical advice to make your dream a reality. With plenty of information focused on budgeting, these travel experts can show you how to travel the world without breaking the bank. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their stories from around the globe will inevitably feed into your wanderlust.

2. Travel with Rick Steves

Rick Steves traveling

Few names in travel are more well known than Rick Steves. The globetrotting media personality has hosted TV shows, written numerous European travel guides, and now hosts his own podcast. Steves’ level of expertise allows him to create a high-quality podcast with big-name guests. You’ll find Travel with Rick Steves' style engaging and extremely informative.

3. This Week in Travel

Travel podcast speaking at conference

Longtime travelers and writers Gary Arndt, Chris Christensen, and Jen Leo came together to form This Week in Travel. A mix of stories, tips, and travel news make this podcast extremely informative while still being a fun listen. The podcast features interviews with other big names in the travel industry who have a deep understanding of various locations and topics. Scroll through the nearly 250 free episodes and you’ll find at least one that inspires you to go abroad.

4. Amateur Traveler

Host Chris Christensen was obsessed with podcasts before ever starting his own. It was sharing travel stories with friends at a Memorial Day picnic that inspired him to launch his own blog and podcast.

Amateur Traveler asks and answers the question “what should I do with only one week?” Listeners learn from experts about what they should see and do with their limited time in each location. Each episode is focused solely on one location or experience.

With over 600 episodes, there are plenty of experiences and locations to learn about. This podcast is the perfect first step to planning your trip abroad.

5. Indie Travel

Couple sitting on rocks in Columbia

Craig and Linda Martin left New Zealand with little cash and a lot of student debt. They made their world travels possible by working various odd jobs - including launching the Indie Travel podcast. Thirteen years later, they’re still traveling with no plans of slowing down.

Now the couple shares their favorite travel tips and tricks they’ve learned through years of travel. Everything from what to pack, to general travel advice, and tour guides are featured in their over 300 episodes.

6. Travel Tales

Man in front of yellow wall

Comedian Mike Siegel had been on plenty of podcasts and always dreamed of starting his own, but struggled to figure out what niche he could fill. His time spent touring around the world and meeting new people finally sparked his imagination, and the Travel Tales podcast was born. Siegel’s wit and charisma shine through as he and his guests share their best and worst travel experiences. He encourages all his listeners to try everything at least once, and after one listen to his podcast, you’ll be inspired.

7. Women Who Travel

Marketed as a podcast for women by women, the Women Who Travel podcast originally started as a Facebook group. Women from around the world bonded in the group over shared advice, stories, and reasons why they refused to stay home. In only a short amount of time that Facebook group grew into a podcast. Hosted by the travel team at Conde Nast, the podcast now covers a vast range of topics and the realities of traveling as a woman.

8. Travel Today with Peter Greenberg

Man on a kayak in front of castleYou won’t find many podcasters who are also an Emmy-winning investigative reporters, but Peter Greenberg happens to be both. Named one of the most influential people in travel, Peter uses his journalistic skills to teach listeners as few other hosts can. Greenberg tells his listeners about the hidden gems that can’t be found in brochures or traditional tour guides. Listen to one episode of Travel Today with Peter Greenberg and you’ll discover why Greenberg has been called “The Travel Detective.” 

9. Zero to Travel

Man Traveling in Spain

Few podcasts can cover every type of travel, but that’s exactly what Zero to Travel aims to do. Host Jason Moore has been traveling for over 15 years and discovered nearly every way to get around the globe. Through his interviews and podcast, Moore teaches his listeners about budgeting, working while traveling, and everything that has to do with life on the road. Whether you’re new to travel or already have a passport full of stamps, Moore has an episode for you.

10. The Rough Guide to Everywhere

The Rough Guide to Everywhere podcast is not your average travel resource. It covers the untold, offbeat stories that you might expect to hear from a friend rather than a podcast. Different hosts talk to guests about biking from Ireland to India, accidentally becoming an arms dealer in Afghanistan, the life of an 81-year old cowboy, and so much more. Without a doubt, this is one of the most interesting and entertaining travel podcasts out there.

11. We Travel There with Lee Huffman

Man interviewing woman for podcastLee Huffman isn’t concerned about the traditional tourists’ traps. Huffman wants to expose his listeners to the hidden gems in cities around the world. Through interviews with locals, Huffman gives his listeners the rare chance to learn about what to do, see, and eat from the people that call each featured city home. We Travel There with Lee Huffman gives listeners an in-depth look that’ll let you live like a local in nearly any city.

12. Travel Stories Podcast

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The name says it all - Travel Stories Podcast is about travel stories. Host Hayden Lee narrates each well-produced episode in a raw and engaging way that is sure to capture any listener’s attention. The first five seasons take listeners around the world, while the sixth season follows Lee on a motorcycle trip across Europe. With such intimate stories, you’ll feel like you’re traveling right alongside Lee as he adventures around the world.

13. Taste Trekkers’ Find Dining Podcast

Travel is all about experiencing new cultures, and nothing is more of a cultural experience than food. In his weekly podcast, Seth Resler talks to experts from different cities about their current culinary explorations. Resler gives his listeners the well-known places to eat along with off-the-beaten-path restaurants typically reserved for locals. No other podcast can make your mouth water quite like Taste Trekkers’ Find Dining.

14. JUMP with Traveling Jackie

Woman sitting on a rock by a glacier

Originally known as The Budget-Minded Traveler, Jackie reimagined her podcast into JUMP with Traveling Jackie. Traveling Jackie aims to make international travel accessible to everyone. While Jackie focuses on stories and hidden gems, she also shares practical advice to help as many listeners go abroad as possible.

Jackie also engages with her audience by answering their questions. A host who cares about her listeners mixed with great advice from around the world makes for the perfect podcast.

Now that you know the top travel podcasts, go download them all and get ready to go abroad! After just a few episodes, we’re sure you’ll be filled with wanderlust. Let these podcast be your starting point and let Global Experiences help your travel dreams come true.

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