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Kory Saunders

Kory Saunders
B.S. in Marketing; B.A. in Spanish; M.B.A. in International Business; M.A. in International Marketing Kory did a summer short-term program in Spain after her first year at Hampton University. She then studied abroad in Mexico for Spanish language acquisition. Post-graduation she did a short-term summer architecture study abroad program in Brazil. Kory completed most of her graduate course work in Valencia, Spain where she lived for six months. She has taken students to study Costa Rica and Adelaide, Australia and has completed site visits there, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kory has traveled to six of the seven continents for work and pleasure and looks forward to getting to Antarctica in the future.

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Seeing Your "Othered" Identity as Your Superpower

Kory Saunders | June.20.2022

You may feel that you are the "other" because you are the only person or one of the few people with your identity(s). In context, "othering" occurs when a marginalized identity differs, and is often excluded, from that of the dominant culture. When speaking of othering in this context Jiaqi Zhou defines it in a helpful way. “Othering is a way of negating another person's individual humanity and, consequently, those that have been othered are seen as less worthy of dignity and respect. On an individual level, othering plays a role in the formation of prejudices against people and groups.” (Jiaqi Zhou, Very Well Mind)

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