11 Alumni Share Why They're Thankful for Their Internship Abroad

It’s almost our favorite day of the year to eat, drink, and wear stretchy pants. Pre-food coma, there’s always that one family member that suggests for everyone to go around the table to share what they are most thankful for in the past year. Around our office we wondered, “what would our Global Experiences alumni say?”


GE alumni are driven young professionals who’ve pursued their career passions around the world. Through their international experiences -- meeting lifelong friends, developing professional skills through their internship, traveling to famous cities once only seen on a postcard -- what would they look back on and feel most thankful for?

So we asked! Their responses were not only heart-warming and humbling, but it’s safe to say that their responses would definitely one-up any of their cousins at the dinner table. Don’t just take it from us, read on for 11 #blessed testimonials from our interns!

1. "There is a lot to be thankful for this year, but topping off my list is my time spent in Sydney. Global Experiences helped me branch out of my comfort zone and taught me to seize every opportunity given to me. As my internship came to an end my host organization offered me a position on their team. I gladly accepted the position and spent 2.5 months experiencing all that the beautiful city of Sydney has to offer. I was able to transform this extraordinary city into my second home. I will forever be thankful for my time with Global Experiences."

Stephanie in Australia









Stephanie C., from the University of Connecticut interned abroad this past Summer in Sydney, Australia. Her non-profit internship was with a registered foreign aid agency dedicated to assisting children in developing countries with severe health issues.

2. "Words cannot describe how thankful I am for all the experiences I’ve gained from my internship abroad in London through Global Experiences. I’ve acquired real world application and experience of my degree, I’ve met some amazing people, and I’ve gotten to travel around Europe a bit as well. This has definitely been an experience I will never forget and always carry with me."

Kayla with Big Ben

Social Services and Psychology intern, Kayla B. from the College of Saint Benedict is currently abroad in London interning for a charity that provides support to drug and alcohol users, as well as their family and carers.

3. "I am thankful for my internship in that it was a great way to travel another country, but at the same time, further my professional career. I am most grateful to have an experience in the field of my choice."

Marisa in Paris

Marisa L. from St. Mary’s College of Maryland spent her Summer ‘17 in Paris, France as a Journalism Intern for a company that assists entrepreneurs in networking to gain partners, investors, funding, and clients.

4. "I am incredibly thankful for my Barcelona internship because I met so many amazing people, got to travel around a few parts of Europe, and overall, had the best summer of my life. Every person I met during my two-month internship program was fun, caring, and friendly, and I can honestly say I made at least 25 new friends both in my internship and within the GE program itself. This internship gave me a new sense of how I want the rest of my college career to go and I do not think I would be able to say the same if I chose to intern in my home country (United States). The experience of being in a completely different country for two months can be frightening at first but I am very thankful for my internship abroad for helping me grow as a person and allowing me to have so much fun."

Gabe in Spain

Tulane University Junior, Gabe W. said “Hola” to Barcelona this past Summer as a Business Intern for a technology company developing a smartphone application for fashion lovers.

5. "I’m so thankful I got to experience at my internship in London. Even though I’m a fashion design major I had a marketing internship and I absolutely fell in love with all the things that went into the internship. The company I worked for was a fashion jewelry company called Maria Francesca Pepe. I did a lot of their social posts and really got to experience how a fashion company works. It was really fun helping design the layout of the website every so often. And they were so understanding in that while I was there I wanted to travel a bit and let me take a couple days off to go to Barcelona and then Venice. I also made amazing friends that I still keep in contact with today. I wouldn’t have traded this experience for anything in the world."

Emily in London

Emily D., a senior from the University of the Incarnate Word interned in London Summer 2017 for a jewelry brand founded by an Italian Designer that is known for its innovative designs, high quality products, and unique style.

6. "I'm thankful for my internship at Tender Education and the Arts because of how much it has helped me grow, both professionally and personally and in such a short time. The staff is friendly and welcoming, eager to help their interns and volunteers learn and stay actively involved. I especially liked that Tender provided me with an opportunity to leave a legacy, ensuring the work I did for them had a lasting impact on the future of domestic violence and healthy relationship education and awareness. With only a few short weeks left at my internship , Tender has continued to support me and any future endeavors I hope to pursue. I hope that when I return to London, I will be able to work with them again."

Kelly at Stonehenge

Social Services intern, Kelly D. from Millersville University is spending the Fall season in London, England interning for a charity that raises awareness of domestic violence among young people.

7. "Global experiences gave me my lifelong dream. They also gave me the best two months of my entire life. The experience I had when I was interning in Paris will forever be remembered, and I will never forget the amazing time I had there. I'm forever thankful to global experiences for giving me this opportunity to intern abroad and for finding me an amazing internship, host family, program coordinator and all the awesome places we went as a group! Thank you global experiences for giving me the best time I have ever had in my entire life!"

Sarah at The Lourve

From Rockland Community College, Sarah S. spent Summer ‘17 in Paris, France interning for a website and mobile tourism application that connects tourists with knowledgeable Parisians.

8. "I’m thankful for my GE internship because it allowed me to grow, to experience the world and learn the fashion industry. It’s opened many doors for me in my life and I know this is only the beginning."


From the University of the Incarnate Word, Kassandra R. spent her Summer 2017 in Milan, interning in Fashion Business for a distributer of iconic fashion brands in Italy.

9. "My internship in Ireland is something that I will forever be thankful for. It connected me with so many people that will always have a place in my heart. The friends I made are the reason why the experience was something I will never forget. They were with me every step of the way and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I can’t wait to see them all again and hopefully revisit the beautiful country that brought us together."

Bianca at Cliffs of Moher

Recent Boston University Psychology graduate Bianca T. spent Spring 2017 interning for a Non-Profit counseling service for children and their parents for problems such as anger, anxiousness, and bullying in Dublin.

10. "I’m thankful for my internship abroad because it taught me so many life skills that I will never forget. It instilled in me a love of traveling, and I’m already planning my next trip back to Europe! Interning abroad helped me come out of my shell and gain more confidence in myself and my abilities. I’m so thankful for the friendships I made while abroad as well as the amazing individuals I had the pleasure to meet and work with. I am forever grateful for Global Experiences and the opportunity to intern in Spain."

Angela in Park Guell

2017 was the summer of her life for Hofstra University senior, Angela H. where she interned in Barcelona for a Non-Profit children’s workshop that helps to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

11. "I am extremely thankful for my internship experience abroad in Stockholm, Sweden. I always heard that the Scandinavians were unique people, and I am blessed that I was able to explore their beautiful city and meet such inviting and optimistic Swedes. I made lifetime friends while I interned at an organization supporting women's rights, and it was amazing to see the passion my co-workers have for helping others and making the world a better place. I am thankful I was able to meet other students and more people from other parts of the world, while celebrating the diversity that makes us all so unique and wonderful. I will always treasure this experience, and I am thankful for the research and communication skills I developed while in Stockholm, so that I can take them with me to my future career."

Melissa in Stockholm

Melissa S. from the University of Texas - Dallas interned in our debut Stockholm program this Summer for a Non-Profit that supports women during times of war and conflict to increase women’s power and influence.

Feeling Thankful

At Global Experiences, our company mission is to help young professionals invest in their future, while experiencing all that the world has to offer. The testimonials above are from individuals that will impact their community and beyond, and we’re thankful to have helped them on their path to success.

What will you be thankful for at the Thanksgiving dinner table next year? Maybe it could be for your marketing internship in Barcelona, or your event planning internship in FlorenceApply here to speak to one of our helpful Admissions Counselors to talk about your opportunities interning abroad - you may thank yourself later for it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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