5 Reasons Why I Want to Intern Abroad

1. Gain more professional experience while traveling

The reason why I want to have an internship abroad is to gain more professional experience, while being able to travel at the same time. I am currently about to finish my two year degree and plan to transfer to a university next fall. I felt that having an internship this summer would allow me to gain more experience in the field I am most interested in, which is Event Planning. So, by next fall I will have a better understanding of which path I want to head towards. I’ve always wanted to travel and knew that one day I would be able to. Before I knew about interning abroad, I was planning to study abroad for a semester. However, after I learned more about Global Experiences and the different programs they offer, I have decided that interning abroad would be a more beneficial experience for me. Having an internship abroad will allow me to develop more professional skills in a work environment that is different from what I am used to, while being able to experience the country and its culture.

2. Discover a new country

Another reason why I want to intern abroad is to discover a new country. I have never traveled abroad, so this will be a huge step for me. But, I feel that I am ready for the challenge and cannot wait to experience a different culture and lifestyle. Compared to studying abroad, I think that having an internship abroad will allow me to immerse myself into the country at a much deeper level. Since I will be working with the people who actually live there, I will be able to gain a better insight of their country and how it works. Also, interning abroad will allow me to see how different the country’s work environment and customs are compared to home. I believe discovering a new country and seeing the different cultures and lifestyles will help me develop a better global perspective and understanding.

3. Expand my global network

Expanding my global network is extremely important to me because I believe that making new contacts with people around the world can potentially bring new opportunities for me in the future. Also, I think that having a variety of mentors, contacts, and friends is an important key to be successful in the business world. I was always told that networking with the right people in your industry can open up doors for you and help your career flourish. Today, a vast majority of job openings are filled by word of mouth, and that is why networking is a great way to find a job. That being said, it is important to keep in touch with the contacts I make during my internship abroad because they could potentially help my career in the long run.

4. Be challenged to overcome adversity

Being able to overcome adversity is a good quality to have because it shows that you can embrace challenges and adapt to change. During the internship, I am sure there will be many challenges that I will have to overcome.  I think these challenges will help me grow into a stronger and more independent person in the end. Some adversity that I may have to triumph over may include being away from home in an unfamiliar environment, experiencing a different culture, and living on my own. However, I believe I can overcome this adversity and learn a lot from it in the process.

5. Learn and discover more about myself

I believe that an internship abroad will help me learn and discover more about myself because I will be pushed outside my comfort zone. Being pushed outside my comfort zone will introduce me to certain challenges that will help aid in my self-discovery because I will have to overcome these challenges and adapt to a new lifestyle. This internship will give me the opportunity to test a career path, gain new experiences, and offer the space and time to think about my values and characteristics that shape who I am. Also, I think that living on my own in a new environment will give me a lot of time to think about what I what to accomplish in life and who I want to be. Throughout the internship, I think my independence will grow and give me the confidence to take on greater challenges in my future career.

Kayla is a student of Anne Arundel Community College and is currently interning in the Global Experiences office to help prepare for an international internship in 2015. 

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