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Have you ever considered interning abroad? Want to work for an international company from the comfort of your own home? Maybe, you need an internship to graduate, and you just don’t know where to start.

With Global Experiences, you can do a professional internship while working remote through our GE Virtuoso program. These virtual internships range across many different career fields, with some of our most abundant opportunities in the Business, Marketing, IT/Computing, and NGO/Non-Profits.

If you have ever dreamed of working internationally, this is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and create international connections. Our virtual internship program is not only a great way to expand your international network, but also a fantastic professional experience to have on a resume.

There are many reasons to do a virtual international internship through Global Experiences.

First, the pandemic has changed the way the world operates.

Big businesses that were once fully in person have now converted to highly used and functional online platforms. Experts are saying brick and mortar is of the past and online operations is the future.

Small businesses have a unique opportunity to reach a massive amount of people through highly used social media platforms (think Tik Tok and Instagram). These smaller businesses no longer have to carefully vet ideal locations to open a brick-and-mortar store front, with one viral Tik Tok they could be well on their way to stardom.

Even the more logistically challenging career fields to have online, are creating new platforms and applications to bring business to the web. For instance, Psychologists are meeting their clients over video chat (teletherapy) through unique online applications. A Global Experiences Virtual Internship invites you to be a part of this inevitable change in the world.

Second, virtual internships provide a unique alternative if there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from interning abroad.

For example, if your university is not allowing travel to level 3 and 4 countries, you can still intern with international companies through GE. This experience allows you to work with people in another country and practice your intercultural and professional communication skills.

Are you a Gilman Scholarship recipient? Due to COVID-19, there are travel restrictions on where you can travel in order to use the Gilman funds. A virtual internship is accepted under these conditions. It is a great opportunity to develop your professional skills and use the scholarship money.

COVID-19 has certainly changed our travel habits. If you are concerned about COVID-19 travel restrictions, you haven’t been vaccinated, or just have general concerns as the pandemic is still prevalent, a virtual internship is a fantastic alternative. You will be immersed in another work/professional culture, gain an international experience for your resume, and stay safe while interning abroad.

Third, if you are seeking academic credit for your internship, GE virtual programs allow you to work remote and gain academic credit for the experience.

You can take classes at your home institution or GE courses. We offer 3 classes, which can be found here, and you can take up to 12 units.

Don’t need academic credit? You can use this experience strictly as a professional internship for your resume, as you will not be required to enroll in a course to do the program.

You can even practice your language skills in a virtual internship! While most of the internship placements are with company’s that speak English, it is possible for students that are fluent in another language to do a language intensive virtual internship.

Fourth, the tuition of our program includes professional development training, cultural events, and a personalized experience -- just like our in-person programs.

At Global Experiences, we meet with every internship applicant for an admissions interview, in order to deep dive your interests and qualifications, so that we can find an internship that aligns with your professional and future goals.

We have opportunities in many career fields such as: Fashion, Graphic Design, NGO/Non-Profits, Computer Science, Business, Marketing, IT, SEO, among many others.

Affordability and flexibility are key with our GE Virtuoso virtual international internship program.

Our 8-week virtual internship program runs at $1,500 USD, and our 12-week at $1,800 USD.

In addition to the tuition being more cost effective, these virtual internships do not require visas to participate. Meaning there is no fee or visa application requirements to adhere to. As visa fees can be quite expensive in certain English speaking countries, such as the U.S. and U.K., this is highly inviting for international students to participate in an international internship.

Furthermore, GE Virtuoso can be done part-time or full-time. They can be 8 weeks or 12 weeks, and we have many options for start dates.

With all this flexibility we often see our virtual interns simultaneously work to fund their programs or continue with their studies at their home institution. There is often flexibility in intern’s schedules that makes this an attractive alternative to physically going abroad.

If you have recently thought about changing professions, this opportunity is highly valuable in assessing your career path. You will gain a professional insight into the career you are looking to pursue, without leaving your home or disrupting your studies.

Our Virtuoso program is truly a great experience for anyone to participate in.

Let’s start your journey of change. Apply for a virtual internship today!

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