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Current Intern Kayla Hauge shares her experiences as a photography intern in London this fall.

Ideally this post would be over flowing with all the fabulous photographs I have been taking on all of my amazing adventures in London. Realistically, I haven't taken my camera on one outing. Judge away, a photographer without her camera. I am fully aware of how little sense this makes. I am going to use my bag as a lame lame excuse, but really I brought 3 bags that won't fit my camera and one bag that's strap upsets me so I rarely use it. You understand my predicament right? And my camera bag is just unnecessarily large and I'm not about to lug that around with me. I can continue with the excuses or I can actually talk about my new home and new life.
Lucky for you I've got these awesome pictures I took with my phone's badass picture taking capabilities.
Yeah not so much...

I arrived in London two weeks ago exhausted, jet lagged and emotionally unstable to say the least. But with the help of a friend we made our way from Heathrow airport to my less than large accommodations. I haven't slept in a twin bed for as long as I can remember. But I think the funniest thing about our living place is that we are allowed 8 overnight guest passes a month. Where is my guest going to sleep because I have a hard enough time sharing a king size bed I'm not about to share a twin bed... off topic, I digress. So I can probably say my first week in London was a bit of a confused blur. I was jet lagged for most of it and then work felt like it took up all of my time so I didn't do much else.

However, the studio I work at is pretty incredible. Studios are basically just like the movies by the way. Music you've never heard, models with legs for ages and various other people holding make up brushes and hangers. And my favorite part of course the photography. To flip through a magazine to see a spread and knowing that it was shot at the studio you work at is a pretty cool feeling. I've never been exposed to this side of photography before so it's really interesting. And the exact opposite of photojournalism. I mean I'm not sure what I want to do with photography in the end, but I do know that it will help me being exposed to every side.

Ok so outside of work. I've been to the largest mall ever, Westfields, to buy a UK phone. It's an awesome flip phone. Takes me about a half hour to text on it, but it was next to free so I'm not about to complain. I've been to Brick Lane and stuffed my face with Chinese food, but I was feeling homesick that day so it wasn't my best day. Did a Jack the Ripper tour during which I closed my eyes and turned the other way during photos because almost anything scares me. We've had some good drinks and good times at pubs. Went to Borough Market, my favorite place in London, and ate the exact same burger I had a year ago... I couldn't help myself! Aimlessly walked around London all day only to continuously think-  I live in London. Did I mention that's been my dream for quite some time now? And yesterday I can say I had a proper, yes I said proper, UK day. I had tea at Spitialfields Market and got caught in the cold wet rain, but luckily that motivated me to buy an adorable and warm sweater or would it be jumper here? I'm stilling working on that part.

I'm living and working in London. And I am loving it.

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