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Russell Chang from the University of Southern California is currently doing economics internship with Pro Capital Ltd. in London. Here are some of his thoughts about his experience thus far:

Global Experiences: Tell us a little about the professional aspect of your internship.

Russell Chang: Professionally, I’ve gained communication skills and other workplace intangibles like focus and multitasking.  I think working in a small company was beneficial because the relationships you form are stronger and you get a better feel for everyone’s work ethic making  the work chemistry is much better.

GE: What advice might you give someone looking to get into your career field?


Russell at his internship with Pro Capital Ltd.
Russell at his internship with Pro Capital Ltd.


RC:  Prepare for plenty of due diligence which many times involves doing the same thing over and over again.  What I can guarantee is that if you fall into the trap of zombie-mode, eye glossed over, robotic mindless work, you will and cannot produce results that you want.  Always keep the company’s higher goal in mind so that when things get repetitive or boring, there is always that goal to keep you motivated.

GE: Was Global experiences supportive throughout the process?

RC: Pre-departure was great and they really helped all of us transition from the US to the UK easily. Upon arriving they were downstairs welcoming each student.  They held events throughout our stay and  generally did a good job in allowing people to meet others from the same program.  Also, whenever I had any questions the GE staff always answered very helpfully.

 GE: Looking back on your experience abroad, how have you changed? Be it personally, mentally, academically, or professionally.

RC: I think living alone and being in a different country forces you to acclimate to your surroundings and to new people.  I think the more you do this the better you become at adapting to your surroundings, and I think by coming abroad to London I learned how to do this better. This applies not just to other countries but to different situations within the country, be it a new social situation, a new workplace, or new housing. I've never had the opportunity to work so consistently with other people and it really taught me the communication skills you need which involves keeping everyone on the same page by telling them what you've done, what you plan on doing, and summarizing what other people say.

GE: How has life been in London outside of your economics internship?

RC: I have really enjoyed meeting new people and making lasting memories with them just by exploring London together and doing things like hanging out at Hyde Park or wandering Portabello Market. The nightlife has also been a blast.

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