Is a Virtual Internship Worth It?

Molly Haskell

In short, yes.

Internships are essential for university students and recent graduates -- they are the stepping stone from academics to working life. Internships help you take what has been learned in the classroom and put it into practice.

With COVID-19 still among us, internships have taken to the “new normal” and  been fully transformed to be remote work settings.

The remote workplace has become a reality for many, making it a great time to build your resume and gain professional work experience without leaving home!

A virtual internship is worth it for many reasons… it reduces juggling travel uncertainties, it trains students on a new set of digital skills and independence, and most importantly, it provides flexible and convenient professional experience.

Don’t let travel bans stop your career growth!

At Global Experiences, we believe that an international internship is life-changing. So when the pandemic hit, we quickly sprang into action to create a virtual internship program that is affordable, environmentally friendly, and culturally engaging -- bringing you the same benefits of our premier internship program straight to your laptop.

Caitlyn, a student from Carleton University, did our virtual internship program this past summer and had great success:

“The GE Virtual Internship was an amazing opportunity to enhance and further develop my skills in an online format. I was initially nervous as to how beneficial my internship would be since it was virtual, but I had an amazing placement, and my supervisor really pushed me to develop my skills. I was able to learn about an area of interest and skill that I would not be able to in University, and I got the opportunity to work one-on-one with my supervisor, which really allowed me to develop great communication skills. Working one-on-one also allowed me to mentor my supervisor, and feel like I could ask her questions and develop a great working relationship - which was extremely beneficial for me. The GE team did a great job supporting me before, during and after my internship, and was extremely helpful answering all of my questions during the application and interviewing process. They truly want interns to find the best fit and get the most out of their internships, and I felt very satisfied with my placement and thought they did an amazing job!”

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Before your virtual internship

One of the major benefits of GEV - if accepted into our virtual internship program, we guarantee you an international internship in your desired career field -  is that we take the tedious task of finding an internship off of your hands (no LinkedIn or Indeed applying necessary) and work with our overseas employers to set you up for success.

As with our intern abroad program, we work one-on-one with every virtual intern to understand your particular interests and goals, and customize your remote internship. We are dedicated to finding you the best possible fit.

Work with a program advisor to review your professional documents, resume and cover letter. They will also give you tips and training on interviewing best practices so you will feel confident and ready to go.

Need credit tied to your internship? No worries! We will work with your home institution or complete one of our courses to earn academic credit.

During your virtual internship

Kick off your virtual internship with webinars and meetings with advisors and other virtual interns to learn about remote work best practices.

Enjoy other fun Zoom meetings for welcome and exit orientations, a cooking class, and a tour around Global Experiences’ program locations around the world.

Plus, we will check-in with you often to ensure your virtual internship is going well and is a beneficial learning and career-enhancing experience. We are dedicated to your success.

Diane, a student from Marymount University, said about Global Experiences virtual internship program:

Not only will you be able to intern with Global companies, you have an extensive network of people who want to help you succeed in your career path. They offer so many services that will help you land an internship, and even possibly a job opportunity. The built in career coaching within the program is top notch, and is useful to understand yourself and your career goals. Their professional development workshops and check-ins provide such useful information that you can implement in your job and internship search. Overall, a very good program.”

And Iracely, a student from Northeastern University:

“I really enjoyed my experience and opportunity to intern with Global Experiences and everything I was able to learn while being supported by the amazing staff. Something I always looked forward to and loved was the meetings and activities scheduled for us to tune into where we got the opportunity to connect virtually and feel motivated as others are on the same boat, interning virtually from home. Learning about work cultures from across the world, adjusting to working from home, and professional/personal development sessions kept me inspired along the journey. As my internship was abroad and being able to connect on virtual platforms it gave me the ability to learn and apply skills that will forever be valuable in everything I do. This is an experience I will always cherish and I know has benefited me greatly in learning furthermore about myself and my aspirations to keep developing.”

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After your virtual internship

Think about how your professional network will expand now that you’ve worked with a company overseas and connected with people from around the world.

Julia, a student at Carleton University, said about her virtual internship experience:

“Global Experiences is what allowed me to have a productive summer despite the circumstances of Covid-19. My internship was with a company in Barcelona and it gave me the opportunity to obtain valuable work experience in a time when this would have been difficult to achieve on my own. Their virtual community activities kept me connected to other interns and offered many opportunities to network. Their ability to adapt the regular program to a virtual setting was extremely valuable and well-done, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to advance their networking, communication, and professional skills.”

Your virtual internship might also push you to want to go abroad when traveling opens up. Good news!If you complete our virtual internship program, then you’ll receive a $1,000 discount on any Global Experiences’ in-person intern abroad program.

The students who are going to come out on top are the ones that are open to new opportunities, however they present themselves. A virtual internship will show that you are staying on top of the changing times to gain real world experience.

In all, a virtual internship is a remote learning experience focused on career readiness and the development of key professional competencies. It is affordable, meaningful, and valuable for your future career.

Apply for our virtual internship program today!

Apply for a virtual internship today

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