Virtual Internship Program Named Top Rated Program of 2020

Molly Haskell

Announced on January 22nd, 2021, GoAbroad named Global Experiences’ Virtual Internship Program the Top Rated Online Internship Program of 2020!

We are honored to receive this recognition based on the innovation and hard work of our team, and most importantly, the reviews from our participants.

Last year was unprecedented -- it brought many challenges, but also solutions. Although travel changed in the COVID-19 era, it didn’t stop us from figuring out how to provide career-enhancing and life-changing experiences from anywhere in the world.

Back in March of 2020, we created and launched Global Experiences’ Virtual International Internship Program.

Now a well-known term, a ‘virtual internship’ gives students and young professionals the opportunity to gain valuable, global work experience all from the comfort of their home.

On top of the internship, this program includes professional development, professional seminars, cultural events, weekly check-ins, and much more.

Also, the nature of virtual internships has allowed us to host interns in other cities around the world -- spanning farther than our in-person intern abroad program locations. We’ve now found new internships to suit interns’ wants and needs and hosted them with companies in Uganda, Netherlands, Switzerland, Lithuania, and various locations around Italy and the UK.

Hear from our participants why Global Experiences topped the list of virtual international internship providers.

Great opportunity with amazing support!

“Going into my internship, I was pretty nervous. I am majoring in Psychology, and there are few opportunities to get experience. However, Global Experiences was able to find me a great research opportunity with a professor in Ireland. The internship itself was amazing, and I learned so much! However, Global Experiences made the internship so much better. Through career development and different tools to enhance my internship and future careers, I feel much more prepared to take on the future!”
- Jennifer T.

Great experience!

"My virtual internship with Global Experiences was terrific. I had the opportunity to meet with amazing people from different countries and explore the world of opportunity. The sessions provided by Global Experiences enhanced my understanding of the workforce and my career development. Global Experiences allows for ample opportunity to explore and get out of one's comfort zone!"
- Fatima T.

Amazing experience to develop skills

“The GE Virtual Internship was an amazing opportunity to enhance and further develop my skills in an online format. I was initially nervous as to how beneficial my internship would be since it was virtual, but I had an amazing placement, and my supervisor really pushed me to develop my skills. I was able to learn about an area of interest and skill that I would not be able to in University, and I got the opportunity to work one-on-one with my supervisor, which really allowed me to develop great communication skills. Working one-on-one also allowed me to mentor my supervisor, and feel like I could ask her questions and develop a great working relationship - which was extremely beneficial for me. The GE team did a great job supporting me before, during and after my internship, and was extremely helpful answering all of my questions during the application and interviewing process. They truly want interns to find the best fit and get the most out of their internships, and I felt very satisfied with my placement and thought they did an amazing job!”
- Caitlyn B.

A valuable experience!

“My experience was a very rewarding one. Being a Fourth Year student and approaching graduation, I was really skeptical about entering the workforce without any practical experience. From the start of the application, during the internship and exit, the coordinators of this program have been there to guide us and support us. I never thought that I could secure a placement with a Non-profit organization, however Global experiences made it possible. I cannot stress enough how important it is to branch out and gain International experience rather than domestic ones. I appreciate the efforts of the coordinators of this program. I feel as though I am ready to graduate now with practical experience!”
- Juwana L.

See all our virtual intern reviews here.

There are so many people working extremely hard behind the scenes to execute and constantly improve our virtual internship program. One of GE’s Core Values is “constant innovation.”

Our team takes pride in the innovative and collaborative process that created this program, launched a website, built the curriculum, developed processes, confirmed employers, and hosted students in record time and with such a strong outcome.

A huge thank you to our virtual intern participants as well -- you are amazing for accepting new challenges and continuing to push forward to better yourself and your career. We’re proud of them for such an accomplishment in the face of much adversity!

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