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    With over 4,000 student alumni, Global Experiences has helped thousands of companies finding their ideal intern. We enjoy working closely with our host employers and creating deep, lasting relationships to ensure a mutual beneficial experience. Below you will find a few of our host employers and what they have to say about working with Global Experiences.

    Mary-R London Employer
    Mary R

    My experience at Global Experiences has been very good. Each year we have been put forward some really incredible candidates. People that they think will make a difference to our business, and people who have genuine hunger to come and work here to understand what we do and make a real contribution. In terms of the Global Experiences team who facilitate the internships, they are very easy to work with.Very straightforward and good timely information. It is a very smooth and easy process.

    Pratik-d London Employer
    Pratik D.

    Global Experiences has been absolutely awesome. We had the right intern to have. The administrative process has been really easy, and our intern brought a real type of passion and life to whatever work she’s been doing with us.

    Matteo-p Florence Employer
    Matteo P.

    It was absolutely easy. Global Experiences really helped us out with the visa process, I didn’t even think of it as a problem. I’ve loved having the interns we have and I’d want 10 more.

    Byoung London Employer
    Byoung, Head Designer

    Very few young people want to work and want to accept that they need to start at the bottom and work their way up, with everything that involves. Our Global Experiences intern was willing to work hard and accept that she will need to work her way up. Also she has a very good personality. She will get on with anybody that she needs to.

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