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    Global Experiences is a trusted partner for host companies who are looking for interns and ready to invest in the global growth of the next generation.

    How does it work?

    If you are wondering how to find quality interns, start by working with Global Experiences.  With us, you gain the chance to leverage the power of an international internship program in your workplace through our no-fee placement service. Using a time-tested system we recruit and pre-screen applicants, presenting you with the most suitable candidates based on your organizational needs.

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    What to expect from our interns

    With tens of thousands of participant applications to the Global Experiences website each year we attract the best and brightest young professionals who are seeking to enhance their résumé and skills through participation in an international internship program.

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    Let an international intern benefit you – click here to become a Global Experiences Partner Employer today! One of our representatives will follow up with you directly to provide further information.