Syaza’s Business & Finance Internship

Now that I know that there’s a faster way to commute to work, I’m not cranky anymore. I still remember last Saturday when I tried to take the London Overground to go to Clapham Junction to know where my office located. It took forever for us to get there. With the Wimbledon going on, Earls Court was packed with people heading there. However on the way back, I found out that there was a bus (44) that goes to Victoria Station and the journey from my office to Victoria station is only about 30 minutes bus ride. In addition to that another 10 minutes tube ride to Kings Cross, which is a lot faster that taking the Tube and London Overground.

My office is located in Wandsworth, the South-west of London along a river. It is located around a private housing area so it kind of look like an expensive area to be in. Since the area is quite pretty, I would usually come to work early to just have a 5 minutes’ walk along the river.

I am interning for an independent financial advising firm. I am also the only female there since the administrative manager is on maternity leave. Basically, what this company does is send my bosses out to meet clients, offer financial advice, and help the carry out the necessary investment however they are interested to do so. In the office, it will just be me and my colleague, Jack. What I will be doing is to help them update the client portfolio records and do proper administrative work. My supervisor also gave me a huge task of finding out the information of different financial institutions firms in the UK and input it on a large spreadsheet. The jobs can be quite boring at times but hey! I’m just an intern gaining experience. I guess, learning wouldn’t be so bad. I’m more of a desk job person anyway and not meeting clients and stuff. I will probably want to be more of a financial analyst than a financial advisor.

My bosses and colleague are super nice. I am quite fortunate to get pampered by the coworkers in my office as they allow me to work from 10am to 4:30pm, instead of the regular 9am to 530pm, to avoid the crowd on the Tube. They also encourage me to take time off whenever I want to travel. Though it sounds appealing, I just feel that it’s my responsibility to complete my internship with honour.

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