Put On Your Wellies

Mackenzie Smith sent us some feedback halfway through her internship in Dublin during the summer of 2013. Aside from loving her internship, she fully indulged in the awesome opportunity to travel on the weekends. Summer internships abroad are an incredible way to see the world and get some experience!

Check out Mackenzie's Blog for great photos and insight from her adventure abroad!

Things are going well! Maddie's my roommate and we get along really well. My internship is just what I thought it was going to be when I interviewed for it. I'm definitely getting a lot of experience and building my portfolio!  We basically try to get out of the city every weekend, even if it's only a day tour.  My favorite parts so far have been getting out of the city and really seeing Ireland. This weekend we're in Killarney and The Ring of Kerry.  Next weekend, me and another girl are spending the weekend in Paris. That's our only trip outside of Ireland and I'm super excited!

Travel and get work experience at the same time!  It's never too early to start planning, Find out more today!

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