Global Experiences Joins #GenerationStudyAbroad

Global Experiences is thrilled to be joining colleagues in International Education by committing to  International Education Week 2016 #IEW2017  and to  IIE’s Generation Study Abroad #GenerationStudyAbroad  a pioneering movement with an end goal to double the number of students pursuing an international education by 2020. How is GE going to change the world?  In Summer 2017 GE will commit to our students and to our goal of a more culturally-aware workforce by offering *drumroll please* $25,000 worth of scholarships!

Always versatile, we will offer full, partial, and travel scholarships to U.S. university students with a special focus on first generation college students. The most rewarding part of this journey will be to see countless motivated young adults finally able to partake in career-focused opportunities they once never thought possible. GE’s president Stephen Reilly, a first-generation college graduate himself, is “extremely pleased to help level the playing field by focusing access to those who do not typically go abroad”. We whole-heartedly agree!

Not only is interning abroad a completely “life changing experience”, as described by Co-Founder and CEO Emily Merson, but we also realize that this unique experience of providing career building internship programs in multiple locations worldwide helps to give future college graduates a global skill-set and international work experience that employers are increasingly looking for. 10% of U.S. college students studying abroad every year is not nearly enough, and we cannot wait to lend our hand in support to help increase that number to 600,000 by the end of the decade.

We are excited to join this growing and exciting GSA community.  For live updates on our progress, follow our Twitter account.

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