Katie's Fashion Internship in Milan


Katie in Italy                                                                                          Katie in Italy
Below is some feedback from fashion intern, Katie Shannon, to Program Consultant, Chrissie Friedrichsen, about her experience interning in Milan, Italy this fall. Katie is currently working for a fashion showroom in the center of Milan that receives collections and creates campaigns for well known brands. Her internship tasks include: working directly with buyers, taking orders, coordinating casting calls, styling models, visual merchandising in the showroom, and organizing shows and events. Katie also mentions the on the ground support she’s received from our Director of Placements in Italy (Anna) and her Milan Location Coordinator (Eleonora). She’s done such an excellent job that her host employer has offered her the opportunity to stay on after the fall program ends

Ciao Chrissie!

How are you?  It was so wonderful receiving an email from you!  I apologize for the delay, but I have been so busy with everything... there is just sooo much to do it Italy!! I am even at work right now... yes, it is Sunday, but we are always busy in our showroom!!

Anna is so nice, I really enjoy her as well! I believe she is coming to Milano this upcoming week, and hopefully I will get to see her!  I also really, really enjoy Eleonora. She is so helpful with absolutely everything. My entire experience with G.E. has been amazing, starting with the first phone call you made to me, goodness, back in April (!!) right up to now. I am so happy that I made the decision to take part in this experience and I am so sad that it is going to be over in less than a month.  I would love to be a G.E. cultural/alumni representative or write a review about the program or reach out to potential people who have some reservations (like i did) about doing a Global Experience program. I am truly having such an amazing time in Italy and learning so much from my internship... everyone should partake in a global experiences program! Just let me know!

So far I have traveled to Venice, Verona (where I ate donkey!!), Florence, Morbengo (for a wine festival), and Genova. I still have Lake Como and even a trip to see a football match coming up!

My internship is amazing... Anna and Eleonora did a fantastic job placing me.  I was so sad that my internship is coming to an end next week, but they asked me if I wanted to continue interning with them!  Anna and Eleonora have already worked it all out so that I will be able to go to language school in the morning and then work at my internship in the afternoon! (yay!)

I honestly could write to you all day about my experiences and adventures in Italy thus far :)

Hopefully you had a nice weekend and I'm sure I''ll talk to you soon!

Grazie mille e buona giornata!


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