Asking For a Letter of Recommendation

There are a few key steps in order to appropriately get the best possible reference from your internship  supervisor. Keep these in mind when asking for a letter of recommendation since you want to showcase just how hard you really worked:

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  1. Be prompt- It's good to ask for a reference at least three weeks before the end of your internship. This will give your employer plenty of time because writing your letter might not be their first priority. Plus you want an honest and thought out letter.
  2. Ask the right person- You want to ask someone who knows your strengths and capabilities. Choose wisely and don't panic if one individual declines. Always ask in person to show the person just how important it is to you.
  3. Provide all of the necessary materials- A resume and sample of work/projects you've completed during your internship are helpful resources for your supervisor. If you feel up to it, write your own letter and say, "Do you think you could read over and edit this letter for me? I know you're busy." Be sure that the final copy is printed on company letterhead and signed.
  4. A friendly reminder never hurts- If it's been over two weeks since you've asked, a polite reminder is completely okay. Remember, they're busier than you think.
  5. Always thank the person- A hand-written note is best to show you sincerely appreciate their efforts.

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