Adventures around Europe: Scotland

It had now been four weeks, almost five weeks, since this summer internship has begun. I've been becoming accustomed to life in Ireland. While there are times that I'm reminded of living in the United States, it's still exciting to say I've been living in Europe. Dublin is a much greener city than I'm used to, even though it is still a city. Surprisingly, though, there's not a huge Irish vibe. It could possibly be because this is an international city, so there's more venues tailored to other countries and walks of life. Still, there's not as big of an Irish vibe as I thought there would be. Guess that's what traveling outside of the city is for.

In regards to the internship, it's been improving. I have a lot of downtime, which I use to walk around, write articles, or come up with ideas. Still, I'm getting experience and have seen a few of my articles published so far. Any experience is good experience if used the right way, so that's what I'm taking out of this internship so far. There was one day that I had to attempt to translate an article in Korean. That was an interesting, albeit frustrating day. After four hours though, with the help of Google Translate, I felt accomplished in tackling a challenge I didn't think I'd be able to handle previously. This internship is, in a way, helping me realize skills and qualities in myself that I didn't know I had.

What I really wanted to write about, though, was this past weekend. I traveled outside of Ireland for the first time since I've been here. One of my best friends here, Andrew, invited me to go to Scotland with him, so I jumped on the chance to travel and agreed. I was excited at the prospect of seeing Scotland for the first time, but not expecting too much out of the trip. Boy, was I surprised. I love it there! Even though it rained all weekend, it was beautiful and amazing. There was so much to see and explore, and a lot more beautiful in person. We stayed in Edinbourgh, with spending one of our days in Stirling. We saw Edinbourgh Castle, walked the Royal Mile, went on the Scotch Whisky Tour, checked out Stirling Castle, visited the William Wallace Monument, and explored both cities. We didn't want to leave. I highly recommend visiting Scotland if you get the chance; it was worth every pound and pence spent.

If you want to travel during your internship, I would suggest to budget carefully. You might want to buy everything and have the best accomodations, but the experience is more worth it than where you're staying or what souveniers you bring home. Also, traveling with someone not only helps with expenses, but allows you to share your experience with someone else. I thank Andrew everyday for asking me to come along to Scotland with him. If I didn't go, I would have missed out on an amazing experience and beautiful scenery.

The weeks are closing in to when I'm supposed to leave. I'm finding myself looking forward to going home to Florida, but sad as well about leaving Europe. I know I'll come back to visit in the future, but it's not the same as living here. At least there are still other trips coming up, such as the Cliffs of Moher and visiting London Paris and with my older brother. Still a lot of adventures ahead- looking forward to every minute of it!

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