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    Global Experiences has been providing life changing experiences for thousands of young professionals since 2001. Through our years of experience, we have crafted an international internship program that has been recognized for its innovation and high-quality programming by the higher education community. We pride ourselves on our expertise in international career development, program delivery, and personalized coaching that makes our interns well equipped for their experience living and working in a new country. As world travelers ourselves, we provide an environment for people to expand their horizons and obtain the confidence, maturity, and experience to transition into the working world and become global citizens. Explore Spring 2015, Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 programs here.

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    I’ve learned so much from my internship. I just love it here. I’m doing stuff different than I’ve done in my other internships back home.
    Shoug A.
    Ahlia University / Interior Design
    "You guys take good care of us, and I like it. I know I can call any of you if I have any problems. This is the best program.”
    Michelle T.
    Victoria University / Event Management
    I loved every bit of the internship from my apartment to my roommates and my work. I made lifelong friends and know that if I ever needed assistance or have a question with my new career than I always contact my old employer. Having Global Experience on my resume has been great for gaining interest of possible future employers therefore landing interviews more frequently.
    Shannon M.
    Georgia State University / Event Management
    Initially, I took a leap of faith by trusting a company to find suitable employment and accommodations for me in a country I had never visited before. Global Experiences went above and beyond my expectations by matching me with a wonderful internship with a beautiful and convenient apartment, and ample social excursions. I left Barcelona feeling like I experienced everything I could dream of, opened my eyes to a new way of life, and learned more about myself and the world around me.
    Nicole J.
    Emory University / Business
    There are many Spanish-speaking countries and cities in the world, but Barcelona has so much to offer with its rich culture, friendly locals, beautiful architecture, and sunny beaches.
    Hannah S.
    University of Richmond / NGO's/Nonprofits
    I was constantly surprised and amazed by Italy's excitingly unique culture and lifestyle.
    Caroline T.
    University of Colorado - Boulder / Architecture
    I thought it was a very good experience for me. It was a resume booster, and will help me land a full time job.
    Mohammad D.
    University of Tampa / Finance
    I believe I can speak for [all of the interns] in Paris that this experience is one-of-a-kind. None of us could have found these internships by other means.
    Sam I.
    University of California-Davis / Law
    I would strongly urge anyone who is considering something similar to do it, as it can be a life changing experience and if it is anything like mine. You will enjoy every minute, make many new friends and learn a new language as well.
    Emily M.
    UNLV / Marketing
    I can safely say this entire experience has been incredibly mesmerizing and unforgettable; one that I will treasure forever.
    Ghazaleh G.
    University of London / Film
    Global Experiences was great in facilitating my placement, providing an opportunity I would not have found otherwise.
    Antonello M.
    The Ohio State University / Marketing
    My experience was challenging but definitely enjoyable and extremely rewarding. I am so glad that I chose to do an internship abroad and Global Experiences was key in making that dream a reality.
    Hilary B.
    Bob Jones University / Fashion Design
    I experienced what it is like to be part of the Italian professional world, which provided me with incomparable knowledge and skills.
    Isabel T.
    Georgetown University / Law
    It was a dream waking up each day able to challenge myself in a profession I am passionate about, test my bounds in an exciting new culture, and be able to do it all in a city I love
    Dacy K.
    University of Pennsylvania
    Everything about the program was great. Chrissie was really helpful with me over the phone, and working with Location Coordinator on-site in Paris was phenomenal.
    Joe P.
    Miami University of Ohio / Fashion Business
    Global Experiences allows for an amazing experience in a foreign country, you meet amazing people and you gain valuable work experience.
    Anitha U.
    Indiana University Bloomington / Fashion Business
    London, one of the best experiences of my life! How many kids can say they spent a summer in London. It was unbelievable. There are so many good things to say.
    Karley P.
    College of Charleston / Hospitality
    Thank you for this amazing summer! I could not have asked for a better internship. My employers were absolutely amazing and I learned so much from them!
    Rebecca H.
    Central Michigan University / Human Resources
    My experience in Australia was beyond my expectations. The internship and friendships will be everlasting.
    Jamie K.
    University of California-Irvine / Psychology
    IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE AND TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!! I have gained so much guidance from doing an internship that I can now take back to college and apply in my current and future studies.
    Katie H.
    Baylor University / Accounting
    My friends and family both pushed me hard to go to London. It’s been a life changing experience I’ll never forget.
    Geoffrey G.
    Nichols College / Event Management
    You can travel the world and yet never truly understand it, but living and working in a different country lets you truly learn what makes that place special.
    Jennifer H.
    California State University-Fullerton / Finance
    I've had the best summer of my life and so happy for all the wonderful people I've meet. So glad I took this opportunity to be "globally experienced".
    Simone L.
    University of Texas / NGO's/Nonprofits
    London is fantastic. I looove everything about it! London Fashion Week was absolutely AMAZING. Words can’t even describe!
    Lucy H.
    University of Alabama / Fashion Business
    This internship was by far the greatest experience of my life. I will forever have memories of my time in London and am so lucky to have been a part of the Global Experiences program. 
    Megan F.
    Berkeley College / Journalism
    I worked in the news room at one of the biggest radio stations in Sydney as a reporter and learned far more than I ever expected.
    Katie L.
    Truman State / Communications
    I loved my internship with an eco-fashion design company. Being in London was an amazing experience; every day was different and I really got a chance to immerse myself in the culture.
    Emily P.
    Stephens College / Fashion Design
    I was lucky to have a very interesting and diversified job and 'real Australian' colleagues, who taught me a lot about the Australian way of life.
    Jessica V.
    University of Wisconsin-Platteville / Human Resources
    My time in London was spectacular. An experience that I will remember throughout both my life and my professional career.
    Max O.
    Babson College / Finance
    Having this internship really confirms my career in fashion merchandising.
    Brittany D.
    Academy of Art University / Fashion Business
    I had the most amazing summer. I couldn't have asked for a better placement. Thanks to GE for making it happen!
    Aviva B.
    Collège LaSalle / Fashion Design
    It was an amazing experience where I met a wonderful group of people. A journey that is unforgettable.
    Lauryn B.
    University of Alabama / Fashion Design
    Global Experiences places you in a fantastic situation, with a great internship and good living conditions, providing you with all you need to have a great experience, the rest is what you make of it.
    Jonathan H.
    Ohio Wesleyan University / Law
    It was great, studying different cultures, learning about London and meeting a lot of new people. I had the time of my life.
    Rushana A.
    RIT / Finance
    The research I completed goes further than a single line on my resume; the experience has made so many unobtainable professional opportunities available.
    Grace P.
    University of California-Davis / Environmental Science
    I'll definitely recommend global experiences to any of my friends who are interested in interning abroad
    Lauren B.
    University of Edinburgh / Public Relations
    Choosing an internship with Global Experiences gave me more options within my legal career by providing me with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in an international legal setting, and the ability to perfect my Italian language skills.
    Kristen B.
    Villanova University / Law
    My apartment, my roommates from all over world and my internship were all perfect for me. I recommend that everyone takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
    Cassandra S.
    SUNY Brockport / Event Planning
    From my internship through Global Experiences, I learned invaluable knowledge about the fashion industry and had my designs included in a real collection.
    Keri S.
    University of Rhode Island / Fashion Design
    I would definitely recommend Global Experiences because they found me this very exceptional placement.
    Justin H.
    University of Wisconsin - Madison / Museums
    Global Experiences is a great program for people who need a change and want to discover new cultures and lifestyles.
    Francesca E.
    Catholic University of America / Graphic Design
    This was the best experience I have ever had. Coming to Italy has made an effect on my life, and will help me even further in my career as a fashion designer.
    LaDorian M.
    Marymount Manhattan College / Fashion Design
    I am now doing an internship not just to learn more about my field and make my resume stand out but also to learn from the way things get done in Italy, and to make even more new friends and to fill my brain instead of my notebooks.
    Ana S.
    Miami Dade College / Public Relations
    I absolutely loved my internship! Global Experiences definitely did a great job of organizing everything for us while we're here.
    Abigail H.
    Dartmouth College / Art Galleries
    GE had the best of both worlds - a study abroad program where I'd learn the language and interviews for internships based upon my major and academic interests!
    Danni R.
    Virginia Tech / Journalism
    Global Experiences helped me get the internship I have always dreamed of! Living and working in Italy was a great learning experience.
    Jenifer R.
    Marymount University / Fashion Design
    I definitely think that this internship experience has helped me in creating and meeting my career goals. Global Experiences has given me a wonderful addition to my resume while providing me with real work experience and a life changing trip.
    Malissa G.
    University of Texas Permian Basin / Event Planning
    Interning through Global Experiences has been a unique and rewarding experience. Today, while so many students are studying abroad, there are few who gain practical work experience that Global Experiences offers. As an intern for a tour operator in Florence, I gained experience booking clients in the office as well as leading tours throughout Italy and Europe! This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I would recommend to anyone.
    Kyle A.
    San Diego State University / Travel and Tourism
    Throughout my life I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Ireland, so when I found out I could get an internship and live there for a summer I did everything I could to make it happen. It's a great place to be and I felt at home almost immediately after my arrival.
    Kelly F.
    RIT / Communications
    The internship with Global Experiences helped me prepare for the future. It was great experience learning different fields and being in a new environment.
    Rosie F.
    Bloomsburg University / Business
    "My internship program in Washington, DC has completely changed my perspective on things and I feel like I really grew up."
    Sabine D.
    Algonquin College / Journalism
    I am currently working as a graphic designer in Minnesota, and I can say that my internship had a large influence on being hired over my competition.
    Allison B.
    Saint Cloud State University / Graphic Design
    Not only did I have a great working experience but I also made friends that I will have for a lifetime and networked with many people. I would recommend anyone to take an internship through Global Experiences.
    Nancy C.
    Siena College / Environmental Science
    Global Experiences provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn about Irish culture by working and living in Dublin. I gained valuable work experience through my internship with an international development NGO, which encouraged me to pursue a Masters in Diplomacy and International Relations
    Colleen E.
    University of Wisconsin - Madison / Government and Politics
    "So awesome! I just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic summer. Thank you for finding me the most fabulous internship ever."
    Lexie Z.
    Lake Forest College / Law
    "Overall this has been such a rewarding experience and a great way to spend my summer. It seemed daunting at first, but I’m glad I took the chance!"
    Alli B.
    University of North Dakota / Law
    I think employment abroad on a resume will impress any future employer for all the skills and personal experiences I have built on. I wish I were able to stay longer! 
    Jillian M.
    Stonehill College / Communications
    "I encourage future interns to be as be opened-minded as possible. Enjoy the people around you and all of the different personalities, even if those personalities are difficult, because they are a part of life."
    Briana P.
    University of Texas Permian Basin / Government/Politics
    I worked with a 10-person marketing team and got a lot of responsibility handling social media marketing and managing accounts. My favorite part was feeling like an Australian and getting to know the whole city of Sydney. The whole experience was awesome. The people were great. I’m glad I did it.
    Ben M.
    I found Global Experiences online and it offered everything I was looking for: fashion, living abroad, and a new language. I worked in a showroom in Milan and I got to go to a trade fair in Paris during Fashion Week, and write about trends in fashion and business. I loved learning about and embracing the Italian culture, every single day it just amazed me, plus I was learning new things at work as well.
    Cristina R.
    Fashion Marketing
    I did a lot in my internship. I had to learn how to adapt to an international work environment and working with a multinational staff. Learning how to communication effectively and successfully with that team was a big part of it. I loved Ireland. Dublin was beautiful and it was fun to travel on my own and with the group to places like the Cliffs of Moher and Killkenny.
    Stephanie P.
    As a marketing intern I wrote blogs, helped a lot with influence of social media, and helped design the website. The work experience will help me in the long run and it was great learning about the different fields and just trying new things. I got to do some traveling and without Global Experiences I wouldn’t have been able to explore all of those different areas.
    Rosie F.
    The experience I had in Washington D.C. courtesy of Global Experiences, was one that I will not forget. The experience that we were presented is one that eclipsed my hopes going into the program. The group activities that were planned, the availability of Global Experiences contacts if we needed something, and of course, our internships, were what made this past summer so unforgettable.
    Blake W.
    I LOVED London! My internship was great, but it was a lot of work. The experience taught me how to work with different types of personalities and management styles. Along with all of the skills I learned, the experience taught me a lot about myself and how I handle challenges.
    Siddhi S.
    The George Washington University / Economics
    My internship had definitely helped me to recognize what I want to get out of my career. There were many aspects of the work which I did during my internship that I would like to continue and would thoroughly enjoy to do as part of a permanent job. I have been able to develop key, important skills that will be transferable when I actually end up hopefully securing a full-time graduate job.
    Vanessa H.
    My internship stuck out of my CV and has been an invaluable experience. I gained such great life and work experience. I wish I could go back and do it all over again!
    Bethan C.
    Fashion PR
    Global Experiences did a great job with team building and getting people together. My favorite part of the entire experience was getting to know the other interns on the program and having a sense of community throughout the entire time we were in Dublin.
    Vince M.
    I would never had done anything like this had I not gone through Global Experiences. You learn so much about yourself. You learn what your place is in the world.
    Ruth S.
    Academy of Art Design
    I was given a ton of responsibilities and projects. I really loved the experience of this firm and the bonds I made with my colleagues.
    Andrew L.
    Hofstra University
    I loved my time in Florence and the Global Experiences program. I really liked how each person's experience is tailored to the individual and their strengths.
    Samantha B.
    IADT School of Design
    My internship with Global Experiences definitely helped me achieve my career goals. Not only identifying my interest in the field, but also giving me a competitive edge.
    Colleen K.
    American University

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