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Project Innovation is an entrepreneurial focused summer internship program in Dublin, Ireland. Interns will take part in site visits and panel discussions with large technology companies like Facebook and IBM, as well as several small Irish startups. Get ready to spend your summer internship in Dublin gaining unparalleled experience in the world of entrepreneurship with practical internships and advice from technology and business leaders.

The Experience

Global Experiences wants to help young professionals embrace Dublin’s entrepreneurial spirit. Along with a full-time internship, interns will have the opportunity to tour companies like IBM, have panel discussions with enterprising industry leaders and partake in a business competition complete with prizes.

The Experience

Why Dublin?

There is no better place to launch your business career than Dublin, Ireland. The city is at the heart Europe's renewed investment in business innovation. 

Ireland's Capital is gaining traction as a dynamic place to share ideas, create new ventures, and grow existing businesses. Dublin is the European headquarters for many of the world’s leading technology corporations and home to Web Summit (Europe’s biggest tech conference).

The city's entrepreneurial spirit is thriving with the backing of government agencies and educational institutions offering a progressive environment for innovative ideas.

Included in the program in addition to the standard GE internship experience:

  • Site visits to startups and established organizations
  • Workshops, seminars and/or panel discussions at startup companies.
  • Dedicated workshops, seminars and/or panel discussions at startup companies.

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