Generation Study Abroad (GSA) scholarship

Global Experiences is a committed partner in the IIE Generation Study Abroad initiative and has pledged $25,000 in scholarship funds to engage a more culturally-aware workforce by 2020. These scholarships are for both summer and semester terms in any of our global cities. 


Generation Study Abroad
Women Scholarship

Global Leader Scholarship

Launched in 2017, GE is excited to share the Global Leader Scholarship, as part of its broader commitment to Generation Study Abroad. These awards will benefit two female students attending a GE internship program in any of our global cities on a summer program. The ideal candidate will be a first-generation college student and have demonstrated leadership in advocacy for community building in women’s empowerment, political or social issues.


Diversity Scholarship

Global Experiences is committed to providing international career development opportunities for students who are traditionally under-represented on study abroad programs. We offer a scholarship for outstanding students from underrepresented groups. This allocation of a $1000 tuition credit will be awarded to students in the summer and one student during the semester.


African American University Students

External scholarships

There are grants and scholarships for internships abroad. Research thoroughly to find a scholarship that meets your needs, and before applying for a scholarship or grant make sure you meet all of the eligibility requirements. Below are some links to online resources for scholarships specifically dedicated to international education:


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