Understanding the Program Costs

In a world flooded with information, it can be hard to decide whom to trust. This is especially true with something as important as which program to choose to intern abroad. The experience of interning abroad can be priceless when it comes to the personal self awareness, professional development and global understanding, but not all programs are created equal and we want to make sure you understand the value of a Global Experiences program and include transparency about costs and inclusions. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with your decision to work with Global Experiences and look forward to providing you with a life changing experience.

Program cost breakdown

Program costs: Internship placement, pre-departure training, career readiness program and coaching, academic support, visa assistance, and language training. Providing the most personalized internship programs means our staff spend dozens of hours working with each participant.

Housing. We often negotiate contracts with housing partners 18 months in advance of your program starting and make deposits for our students to ensure we get the best possible location and quality housing available. 

Location staff, program orientation costs and social activities. We have permanently based staff in every location and when there are large groups of participants we will send more staff from the home office to make sure our interns have plenty of support on the ground. We offer half and full day events,  and one on one coaching sessions so every particpant maximizes their time abroad.

Management and organizational costs. Management, marketing, rent, university program development, campus visits, technology, professional services, travel and program development and other costs.

There are hundreds of intangible benefits that our participants receive during their abroad internships, like gaining soft-skills such as confidence and cultural intelligence. Our program tuition covers many tangible costs including:

Guaranteed Internship

Guaranteed Internship:

 We guarantee internships to all participants accepted into the program and have a 99.8% success rate over 16 years. We work with each applicant on a one-on-one basis to understand the intern’s expectations and match the intern with the best employer.

Career Readiness

Career Readiness and Pre-Departure Support:

Our Program Advisors work with each individual participant to enhance professional documents, set internship goals, and discuss the StrengthsFinder® assessment.  Our online portal includes our award winning Global Career Readiness program, which is now available for credit in 2017. See our career development page for more details.

Secure Housing

Secure Housing:

We provide secure housing in all our locations including in our program fee. The type of accommodations range from single and shared rooms in a student residence to shared apartment or home stays. For specific information about housing in each location check out the location pages.

On-Site Support & Insurance

On-Site Support and Insurance:

In each of our locations we have Global Experiences staff. Each location has a Location Director or Coordinator who serves as the intern’s emergency contact and in-country support available to the intern 24/7. The Location Coordinator is in constant communication with our home office and s/he is the face of Global Experiences for that city. All participants are included in our travel and medical insurance, unless they are covered by their sponsoring university.

Career & Social Events

Career and Social Events:

Our program includes a range of planned social events and excursions hosted by the Location Coordinator to help participant’s foster relationships with each other while exploring some of the beautiful aspects of their host city. We also including several career events to ensure students maximize their experience of interning abroad. For more information about events in each city check out the location pages.

Language Courses

Language Courses (Internship + Language Locations Only):

In our non- English speaking locations, language courses may be included in the beginning of program. We partner with accredited local language schools to offer language courses. Please review the program details on each page to learn more about this component.

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