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Spring 2021 Internships

In today’s challenging economy, skills and experience count for more than just minimum qualifications. Global Experiences’ spring internship programs provide a tremendous opportunity for individuals to gain invaluable and practical work experience. In order to stand out when entering the workforce, you need to set yourself apart. A spring internship abroad can help facilitate the learning of new skills, the gaining of foreign language skills, and cultural immersion opportunities that aren’t available anywhere else.

Barcelona Internships

Interning abroad in Spain can take your language skills and professional skills to a whole new level. Live and work in a truly unique city close to the Mediterranean this spring 2021 and really boost your résumé.

Dublin Internships

Spring 2021 internships in Dublin offer high caliber 12-week internship placements with shared student housing in central city areas as well as fun excursions and social programs.

Italy Internships

Spend your spring in Italy, programs offered in Florence combining language immersion and professional internship placement.

London Internships

Put yourself on the map with a spring internship in London, England. With award winning internship opportunities in virtually every career field, the spring 2021 13-week internship program will put you ahead of the pack.

New York City Internships

Excellent spring 2021 internships in New York City are offered in a broad range of career fields. Some of the top companies in fashion, marketing, finance, and more, are all available during the summer.

San Jose Internships

Daydreaming of going abroad? An internship in San José is hard to come by, but not with Global Experiences spring 2021 internship program.

Virtual Internships - Summer Page

Want to gain international work experience with a company from any of these locations? A virtual internship through Global Experiences is the most accessible and affordable option!

Testimonials from our Spring Interns

Drew L. smiling at the Cliffs of Moher with the sunsetting.

Global Experiences prepared me in the best way and placed me in an absolutely perfect internship. My experience as a whole was truly unforgettable and something I will never forget! I highly recommend GE and their internship abroad program to anyone interested in traveling and growing professionally.

Drew L.

Nichols College - Dublin

Emily B. on a walking tour around Florence

Global Experiences was so good at placing me in my internship. Not only was I challenged in the workplace and given ample opportunities to throw in my own creative flares but I was also able to travel each weekend. I am so thankful for the time that I had in Italy and the amazing things that I got to learn through new cultures, new friends and work experience! I would do it all over again!

Emily B.

Texas A&M University - Florence

Cheyenne H. laughing in a lush green forest

Deciding to do an internship in New York City was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself! My internship placement was amazing and I gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge. I'm definitely leaving NYC feeling like more of a solid person than when I had first came.

Lindsey G.

Humber College - New York City

Jack A. at sitting on the gray stone wall of a castle

I am so grateful to GE for helping me take part in this incredible internship experience. It was the perfect segue from collegiate life to the professional world and I feel incredibly prepared for the future now. Highly recommend this amazing experience for anyone thinking about going abroad!

Jack A.

Salisbury University - London

Bobbi B. standing on a brdige in Paris with the river behind her.

Coming from a country far away, a different culture and language, moving to Paris for 3 months is very daunting but Global Experiences really makes the experience much easier and smoother than I could have imagined. My time in Paris was made possible by GE and if you are thinking about using them for your next internship abroad then don't hesitate!

Bobbi den B.

Stellenbosch University - Paris

Victoria N. with the Sydney bridge and harbor behind her.

Global Experience was amazing to work with. The city and the program opens so many doors to meet new people and to get you out of your comfort zone. Highly suggest choosing to go abroad and working with Global Experiences.

Victoria N.

Rowan University - Sydney

Sarah S. on a boat ride through mountains and hills

Global Experiences was a 10/10 experience, I don't think I would have had the same experience or opportunities with any other abroad program. I truly grew as a young professional and learned to find comfort in taking on new challenges in a new culture, 4000 miles away from home.

Sarah S.

SUNY Fredonia - Barcelona

Melisa V. on a boat ride past the green scnery of Itatly

I am grateful I was able to spend the past 3 months here and the huge personal and professional growth this experience has provided me. I definitely recommend this program to people who want to take a gap year, who just graduated and are not ready to go into the workforce/grad school, or to juniors and seniors who want to gain some more experience and explore the area in which they want to work.

Melisa V.

Michigan State University - Milan

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