Bryanna W.

Milan, Italy
Careerfield: Fashion Business

USC University Of Southern California


Bryanna’s internship was an eye-opener and full of new challenges and opportunities. She joined in the midst of production for Kittima’s sixth season launch for Spring-Summer 18 and got to see the ins and outs of what it really takes to run a company by yourself. Bryanna assisted in managing the social media, reaching out to bloggers and fashion pages that melded well with the brand, completed various logistical tasks, and even modeled the clothing and patterns! Her contribution helped make sure everything was precise and complete and she had the amazing experience of representing Kittima at an event for Vogue Italia. Check out both her Takeovers featuring the event and a day in the life of a fashion business intern where she shows us cool spots around town, some yummy gelato, and a few great tips on makeup, hair, and cooking!



When asked about her Global Experience, Bryanna had the following advice:

"Every opportunity granted is never to be wasted. Being able to work and travel in the beautiful city of Milan and go around Europe only half way through college  is something I could only have dreamt of. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to get to where you want to be, but I promise the hard work and commitment always pays off. Never be afraid to take that leap of faith and go out of your comfort zone. Most often you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Meet new people, see the sights, eat awesome food (hello GELATO!!), but most of all have fun and let yourself grow. It’s your journey and you dictate just how great it’s going to be. Remember why you’re ultimately here and represent yourself and your company well. If you’ve made it this far you can keep on being amazing and have the time of your life!!!"


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