Program Delivery

    Global Experiences understands there are a variety of models for conducting successful academic internships. We have taken care to bring many components of these models into our framework while also recognizing the evolutionary nature of these programs in terms of needs, assessments, and specific requirements of different universities and their students. In order for students to truly benefit from their personal and professional experience abroad, it is necessary to have a framework that governs the experience before, during and after the program.

    As such, we aim to provide a flexible program structure that would allow your institution to customize that framework.

    Our framework encompasses the following:

    • Before the program starts, we work to identify the key learning and skills objectives of the participants. This allows us to find the most suitable employer that can best meet those objectives.
    • During the first week, the intern will discuss their objectives with their supervisor to ensure that the goals of the internship are clear to both parties and interns take part in a robust orientation program.
    • Evaluations will take place during the placement to assess progress, address any issues, and maximize reflection and experiential learning.
    • At the conclusion of the program, an exit orientation allows students to de-brief, revise their résumé and cover letters, take part in mock interviews, and discuss career plans and the challenges of reverse culture shock.
    • Ancillary services will also be reviewed to assess the organization, quality of program delivery, and the overall intern experience.

    Global Program Partnership

    Global Experiences offers three starts dates each year in line with the northern hemisphere academic calendar. For small schools or those seeking a wide variety of program locations and flexibility, we are able to offer access for students to all of our program start dates while also ensuring all enrollment, assessment and monitoring is completed by our trained and experienced location staff. No minimum numbers are required.

    Custom Academic Internships

    In select locations Global Experiences offers customizable academic internship programs which combine a 2 week 3 credit course with a 6 week internship placement. Group housing and a range of add-on options make this program a great summer academic credit option. A range of academic fields are available and we allow for host institutions to bring their own course professor or select from our academic team. In most cases this represents the most affordable option. Minimum numbers usually apply when customizing a start date.

    Extension to Study Abroad

    In many cases adding a part time or full time internship into a study abroad location is a great way to combine experiential learning into existing programs. Global Experiences is able to work as an internship placement partner in any of our locations where you already offer study abroad during the academic semester.

    There are many other ways of ensuring a Global Experiences partnership works for your institutional goals and academic standards. We value the innovative partnerships we have developed so far and look forward to working with you to provide your students a unique edge in life.

    Brochures and flyers for your study abroad, career services, or other offices are available upon request, which provide information for students to better understand our programs and whether they are a good fit for them. We also have published articles, blogs, and other media to learn more about Global Experiences.

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