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    With over 4,000 former interns, Global Experiences alumni are part of a worldwide community of hardworking and motivated students and young professionals now working in top companies in their industries. All of our alumni have demonstrated their ability to adjust to new cultures and professional environments in their study abroad programs. Below are just a few of our outstanding alumni that detail their internship experience and how an internship with Global Experiences has enhanced their careers and lives.

    Description: Stephanie worked for a start-up company that creates contextual marketing strategies for publishers. Their innovate firm is expanding in Europe and Africa.

    Tasks: "I helped create content and implement the company newsletter, update Twitter, and did research on the individual companies we were assigned."

    Testimonial: "Ireland always seemed like an ideal location for me to visit and my mom's family is from there. It was really important to me that my internship be in English too. I did a lot in my internship. On a typical day, I spent the morning responding to emails regarding newsletters and great marketing materials. In the afternoons, the company would gather for a staff meeting to discuss creating the newsletter for the end of the month and go over priorities. I contributed to the creation of the newsletter, updated Twitter, and did research on the companies I was assigned. I also did a lot of prep work for presentations for clients and investors. It was great because I got to use the skills I learned in class and apply them to my internship. My confidence really grew because I was sure that I could complete the tasks that I was given. I didn't encounter a lot of the challenges that I thought I would because I'm use to being away from home. Culturally and socially, no I didn't have any issues. The main challenge was the weather! I did have to learn how to adapt to an international work environment and working with a multinational staff. It was a fun challenge, and a big part of the learning experience, to learn how to communicate effectively and successfully. Advice for future interns: Biggest thing is to keep an open mind. Don't be afraid to put yourself in uncomfortable situations because they will open doors for you in the future. Opening your mind to the way that other people live their lives is a huge part of this kind of experience."

    Where are they now: Stephanie is finishing up her senior year at UNC-W and is hoping to find work within the marking/branding industry after graduation.

    Description: This internship is within a documentary editing project located on the Campus of The George Washington University. The Project collects, accessions, transcribes, and annotates material written by and to Eleanor Roosevelt relating to her post White House political life.

    Tasks: Blake completed a wide range of archival and editing experiences including organization of documents, web development, and general office work.

    Testimonial: The experience I had in Washington D.C. courtesy of GE, was one that I will not forget. The experience that we were presented is one that eclipsed my hopes going into the program. The group activities that were planned, the availability of GE contacts if we needed something, and of course, our internships, were what made this past summer so unforgettable. The city offers so much in terms of history, outside activities and tourist destinations that two months was not nearly enough time. I would have not had such a great chance to experience the city if not for GE, so I thank you guys so much. I made excellent professional contacts with my organization and am planning on contacting them in the future.

    Where are they now: Blake is continuing his senior year at University of Central Florida is thinking of returning to DC for graduate school.

    Description: Gracie worked at a world heritage institute focused on issues of national park environmental management. This organization is attached to Australia's largest university and hosts a range of research projects specifically identifying, initiating, and coordinating a wide range of environmental research, specifically on climate change and environmental policy.

    Research and developing projects.

    Testimonial: “My internship was easily the most meaningful in my life. The research I completed goes further than a single line on my resume; the experience has made so many unobtainable professional opportunities available. I can definitively say that I would not be in my current professional status if it were not for the work that I created under the guidance of [my supervisor]. I didn't make copies or coffee; my days were spent almost 100% on research. This internship gave me a project that was mine to put my name on; job interviews as a result are an absolute breeze. [My supervisors at my internship] are the best people I have ever worked with. Clear with expectations and goals, it was easy to deliver what they needed. When it came down to doing more research and push expectations, I was trusted to take the reins and develop my own project. I was treated like a colleague with much more respect than I was due; I worked side-by-side with colleagues that had a decade of experience on me. It was humbling and valuable to be in this working environment. I know I will never get another placement like this one. My supervisors treated me as family and repeatedly took me on excursions into the Blue Mountains.. I came very close to staying in Sydney because of how much I enjoyed this placement; I genuinely recommend it to any serious intern that is self driven.”

    Where are they now: Grace is currently working as a Location Coordinator in London for Global Experiences!

    Description: Karley interned for an international hotel group. The group owns 9 hotel brands globally with over 4,600 hotels.

    Tasks: Karley worked within the Revenue Management Department and worked on projects from multiple teams and brands.

    Testimonial: Karley was just hired by the same company that she worked for in London! Karley did the internship program in London over the summer of 2012. After her internship in London she did another internship with the hotel group in the states which lead to full-time employment. “I think it [the experience in London] helped me get my initial foot in the door. The goal of the internship London, as the management explained it, was to really teach the intern about the global revenue management department. There are a lot of different teams within because the company is so large and I spent time doing a lot of projects. During my time in London I did a lot of networking and it was key. I definitely got showcase my talent and I learned a lot as well." Advice for future interns: "Try and go the extra mile. Make sure you make tons of contact with people before and after. The thank you email (or mail) is essential. Most people go into an interview saying you have to sell yourself, but you can't sell yourself if you're not being yourself. You need to be true to yourself and not spouting a bunch lies about what you think the employer wants."

    Where are they now: Karley was just offered a full time job in Atlanta through the same company that she worked for in London!

    Description: Andrew interned at an association of law firms that focus on Italian and International law. The association creates a professional partnership structure spread across a number of different offices and practices.

    Tasks: Translated documents and conversations from Italian to English. Assisted with preparation for presentations, spoke with clients over the phone, and sat in on client meetings.

    Testimonial: "I did a lot of things in my internship. I acted as unofficial translator and would help translate documents and conversations from Italian to English. I even got to settle a case over the phone with an English speaking client. I got to sit in on client meetings and my supervisors took me to check out scenes of controversies. At first, the internship was kind of challenging because in Italy they start you out really slowly before they give you any major responsibilities. I had to speak up to the supervisors about what I wanted and needed, and then everything drastically improved. I was given a ton of responsibilities and projects. I really loved the experience of this firm and the bonds I made with my colleagues. I like that I was able to do some networking so I can look into Italy for work in the future. I learned a lot and it really improved my Italian." Florence was amazing. I really want to go and improve my language skills, and I really was able to. I feel much more confidence in my fluency after completing this program. Everything outside the internship was fantastic ranging from the culture to the food. The entire group that I went with really made the experience great too. It wouldn't have been as much fun without them."

    Where are they now:
    Continuing his education at Hofstra Law School

    Malissa Intern
    Malissa – Sydney

    Description: "As an intern in a small, but well-known Publicity and Events Management company in Sydney, there really was no such thing as a ‘typical day’. There were several events happening within the first month and a half of my internship so during that time I was assisting in the events department – helping to prepare items for auction, answering the phones and assisting in the writing electronic marketing materials. I very much enjoyed the writing aspects of it and so, when the events started to wrap up, the owner decided my talents would be better suited to the publicity side of things. I was happy with the switch. From then on days were largely spent doing a lot of online research, updating media lists, tracking client coverage and writing press releases. There was one week when one of our clients won an award but the owner and the publicist were both out of the office for the day so I was responsible for writing and sending the press release and was subsequently the point of contact for any media inquiries on the matter. It was really exciting."

    Tasks: Assisting with electronic marketing materials, preparing items for auction, online research, updating media lists, tracking client coverage and writing press releases.

    Testimonial: "I faced a lot of challenges in the internship. Chiefly, the lack of organization. I became increasingly alarmed about the company’s procedures and its motives for hiring interns and I spoke to my local representative at length about my concerns. I had no intention of requesting a different placement as I did not want to abandon the office in there obvious time of need, so I did the best I could with what I had. By the end of the internship I had created a folder for new interns and employees with detailed instructions and tips on how to handle situations and necessary information regarding the company and the city. I loved Sydney! Everything about it! The only challenge was how expensive things were but I feel that I was able to budget accordingly and found ways to save money -walking to and from work only took about 45 minutes and provided a good method to check out local shops and scenery. Not to mention exercise! The other interns were nice and we got along for the most part. I feel as though I learned a lot during my time in Sydney, both with work and in other areas. While at work I learned a lot about ‘what not to do’ I did also get a feel for the industry and whether or not it’s something I want to focus on for a career. Also, after expressing to the publicist that I was there to learn as much as possible, she did whatever she could to help, including finding Excel tasks in her free time so that I could become more familiar and skilled with Excel. Being so far away from family and friends for such a long time provided a lot of learning experiences as well. It sort of forces you to put some priorities into perspective and really decide what you want to focus on (short term and long term). I tend to be a bit of a control freak and even a little high strung at times –something about being in a totally different country on my own forced me to calm down and take things day by day. I definitely think that this internship experience has helped me in creating and meeting career goals. Before the internship I was pretty directionless, as far as what I actually wanted to do for a career. I now know that I am passionate about PR and I feel confident that I will have a successful future in the industry. Global Experiences has given me a wonderful addition to my resume while providing me with real work experience and a life changing trip. My advice for future interns would be to keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Things may not happen the way you hope or expect but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something to be gained. Even a negative work experience can teach you what not to do and even an uncomfortable social situation is an opportunity to learn about other people and grow as an individual."

    Where are they now: "Before the internship I was living and bartending at a local bar in WY. While I was in Sydney I kept my resume up to date and created a LinkedIn profile to help market myself. I was hired as the Marketing and PR Director of a Liberty Tax franchise."

    Description: Sam worked under a designer that created ready-to-wear suits in the heart of Florence.

    Tasks: Sewing, cutting, and draping

    Testimonial: "I loved my time in Florence and the Global Experiences program. I really liked how each person's experience is tailored to the individual and their strengths. The other interns on the program were a really fun and diverse group to spend time with. Florence was a great city to work in-just being surrounded by that culture and history. My internship was very hands on. Starting from the day I walked in, my tutor showed me some stuff and I got right on it. The internship was really helpful in landing my new job and I know that it has benefited my career. I just got hired to work for a custom men's wear company, but eventually, I'd like to open up my own studio. My advice to future interns: know exactly what you want to come for. Work your butt off to become irresistible to employers, and completely immerse yourself in the experience. "

    Where are they now: Samantha graduated from university this year and is now working for a custom suit designer in Las Veags

    Description:"I came to Florence for the summer 2013 internship program with Global Experiences and I couldn't have made a better decision in my life. Global Experiences interviewed me to get to know me perfectly! They couldn't of found a better internship to fit my goals and personality. I ended up interning at a small art gallery called Galleria Mentana right next to the Arno River (which is beautiful). My mentors at the gallery named me the "assistant art director" and I don't know what I would of done without them."

    Tasks:"Not only did I learn about the business/marketing side of the art world, but I learned a new language and the hospitality side as well. I applied right before graduation not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. After going through this program, I now have a clear view of my future and what I want to do with the rest of my life. When I was done with my internship, I had an epiphany. I literally never want to leave this amazing country! I fell in love with the culture, people, and history of Italy."

    Testimonial: "I LOVED London! I originally wanted to go to Florence, but looking at the economy I decided that London was a better fit for what I wanted to do. I knew that London was a city that I could gain some experience personally and professionally-and it was great. I did some traveling to Prague, Florence and Greece too. My internship was great, but it was a lot of work. The experience taught me how to work with different types of personalities and management styles. Along with all of the skills I learned, like I've never created a charity method rating system prior to this point, the experience taught me a lot about myself and how I handle challenges. I learned how to balance daily life and work life too. My advice to future interns: Plan travel as soon as you can and book flights in advance. Don't be afraid to go anywhere alone and don't be nervous to speak up about what you want to get out of the experience."

    Where are they now:"Instead of leaving, I found a new job in the advertising industry and I am still learning and working to this day! This has been the most amazing and eye opening experience of my life. Not only that, but also the best decision I have ever made and I wouldn't change a thing!"

    Description: Mohammad interned at a dually-registered, premier independent broker dealer and registered investment advisor. The firm provides financial planning and brokerage capabilities, practice management and marketing expertise, time-saving technology, and a complete range of financial products

    Tasks: Monitoring and shadowing the stock and bond markets, some cold calling, research within the industry, and preparing presentation materials.

    Testimonial: “First of all, I thought it was a very good experience for me. It was a resume booster, and will help me land a full time job. The program was really well organized, and I think the pre-screen interview process for interns to get into the program is great. All of the interns were like minded-fun and hard workers.” I was very hesitant at first with the price. Since I'm an international student I knew I needed as much experience as possible so I decided to go. The structure [of the program] was fantastic. At the end of the day, I got a good reference from the supervisor from a large brokerage firm in Manhattan that employers will notice. Then, obviously, there were fun actives involved. We went to a Yankees game, visited the Statue of Liberty, and occasionally we went out for pizza. It was a fabulous group, not too many people, and we all had similar mentalities. It was my first time staying and living in New York City. Living in mid-town was fabulous because there are so many good places to go. It has a little bit of everything for everyone. “I worked for a broker company in mid-Manhattan. It was directly related to my classes and I could pick up on responsibilities easily. I learned a lot and it went just fine. My daily tasks included monitoring and shadowing the stock and bond markets. Our firm was the next party after the New York Stock Exchange floor. Our company did a good job of gathering the meaningful information that the consumers needed. I can use my academic and work knowledge for future jobs now . Since it was a brokerage firm, I thought I would only be doing cold-calls, but I did a lot more than just sales. I did some selling, but it taught me a lot, like how to talk to big players in the market. Of course, I have to talk about Alex [the Location Coordinator]. He was fantastic and he was very friendly. He tried to connect with us, and I think we became good friends. I learned a lot from him like how to communicate with a team, and how to be a leader. It was great that he was there at check-in and gave us all advice on safety and what to do on weekends. At the same time, he told us to work hard and put in as much as possible into the internship.

    Where are they now: Mohammad is finishing up his senior year at the University of Tampa. After graduation he hopes to work for a non-profit or work within the finance industry.

    Description: Hannah interned at a non-profit organization that uses e-readers and a mobile application to achieve its mission of making books more accessible in developing countries.

    Tasks: "During my time there I published digital books, researched market opportunities and potential partners, established partnerships with literary reviewers, wrote descriptions for the organization's mobile books, and reviewed books."

    I decided to do an internship abroad because I love traveling and experiencing different cultures. I chose Barcelona specifically because I am an International Studies and Spanish major, and I wanted to improve my Spanish speaking skills. There are many Spanish-speaking countries and cities in the world, but Barcelona has so much to offer with its rich culture, friendly locals, beautiful architect, and sunny beaches. I worked with the mobile and digital publishing team as a digital publishing assistant. During my time there I published digital books, researched market opportunities and potential partners, established partnerships with literary reviewers, wrote descriptions for the organization's mobile books, and reviewed books co-published by the organization. The team is such an impressive and inspiring group of people, and I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with them. I learned how non-profit organizations operate. I also learned a lot about different world cultures; not only did I get to read, review, and promote books from all over Africa, I also got to work with people from all over the world. Those are just two of many things I learned from my internship in Barcelona!

    Where are they now: Right now I'm enjoying my senior year at the University of Richmond. I plan on returning to Barcelona after I graduate! I'm currently researching Master's programs and English-teaching positions."

    Description: An economic and strategy consulting firm that provides economic and regulatory policy advice, social investment impact analysis, litigation support and business management expertise to corporations, governments and the third sector around the world.

    Tasks: "Basically, I was an economic consultant and had my own clients. I would meet and debrief with other consultants as well as had varying projects from writing articles and researching. I even created a charity rating methodology system for a client."

    Testimonial: "I LOVED London! I originally wanted to go to Florence, but looking at the economy I decided that London was a better fit for what I wanted to do. I knew that London was a city that I could gain some experience personally and professionally-and it was great. I did some traveling to Prague, Florence and Greece too. My internship was great, but it was a lot of work. The experience taught me how to work with different types of personalities and management styles. Along with all of the skills I learned, like I've never created a charity method rating system prior to this point, the experience taught me a lot about myself and how I handle challenges. I learned how to balance daily life and work life too. My advice to future interns: Plan travel as soon as you can and book flights in advance. Don't be afraid to go anywhere alone and don't be nervous to speak up about what you want to get out of the experience."

    Where are they now: Siddhi has completed her economics degree from the George Washington University and has recently accepted a position at Ernst and Young in New York.

    Description: Kelly worked for a small startup company that tracks the fastest spreading news through social media and news outlets.

    Tasks: Blogging, market research compiling information and article for tweets and other social media forums.

    Testimonial: "Throughout my life I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Ireland, so when I found out I could get an internship and live there for a summer I did everything I could to make it happen. It's a great place to be and I felt at home almost immediately after my arrival. I worked for a super cool startup based in Dublin's docklands. We worked in Dogpatch Labs with a bunch of other startups in a laid back atmosphere (with plenty of free food, coffee, and beer, too!). I would start my day around 10am with a daily quality control check of all websites and widgets associated with NewsWhip. After a quick email to the team addressing any issues I'd move onto compiling articles and related information to tweet during the day. After this the team would usually head out to lunch together. (If you're in Dublin you MUST go to Junior's and order a chicken salad. Your life will never be the same after consuming such a godly salad). After lunch was usually a mix of meetings, blog writing, market research, or whatever else needed to be accomplished that day. I only wish I had more time in my internship, it was an absolute blast! First, and foremost, this internship taught me that the "real world" isn't all butterflies and unicorns like everyone would like you to believe. If you have work to do, you have to do it and do it now. If you say you're going to be somewhere, you better be there. And if you're working with others you must be as reliable to them as you would want them to be to you. Secondly, and specifically to my work with [that company] I learned TONS of industry related skills that college classes just can't teach you. You will never regret this decision. The memories and experiences will be as great as you make them, so why not give it a chance and have the best time ever? If you're planning on going to Dublin, don't just go for the drinking culture. Yes, it's there, and yes, it's fantastic, but Dublin has SO MUCH more to offer! It's a fantastic city to get lost in, you'll always find something wonderful along the way. Also, get ready for the Irish sense of humor. It's golden."

    Where are they now: "Okay, I want to go back to Dublin ASAP! Right now I'm finishing my bachelors degree in Professional and Technical Communication at RIT. I've already started the process of looking for/applying to jobs and grad school."

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