Meet the Team

Our friendly, dedicated, and energetic team.

    Our success – people we employ. Behind any successful organization stands a diverse group of committed people. Our staff of over 30 people spans four continents, five time zones, and 10 cities. Our main U.S. office is located in the historic center of Annapolis, Maryland; we welcome your visit anytime. From our home office we personally connect with all program participants from the initial phone call up until your arrival in your host city. All of the Global Experiences team members have personal experience living and working abroad and are here to pay it forward!

    Emily Merson

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Emily is the Co-Founder and CEO, leading the strategic vision of Global Experiences and focusing on building the world’s leading international internship and career development organization.

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    Jessica Burns

    Director of Operations

    Jessica leads the Global Experiences partner relations around the world including colleges, universities, and employers. She joined Global Experiences in 2009 and has been central to the organization’s expansion.

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    Alex Paisner

    Director of Enrollment

    Alex leads the Global Experiences’ online marketing initiatives and manages the Program Admissions Counselor team. Alex is an alumnus of the Global Experiences Dublin program and has been sharing his passion for global internships with Global Experiences since 2009.

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    Emily Oliver

    Director of Program Management

    Emily is responsible for overseeing the Program Advising and Location Coordinator teams to ensure successful delivery of Global Experiences programs in all internship destinations.

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    Melissa Vivian

    Director of Academic Internships

    Melissa manages the development of Global Experiences’ academic internship programs. She facilitates and cultivates relationships and custom programs with university partners around the world.

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    Carri Orrison

    Director of Institutional Partnerships

    Carri Orrison is our Director for Institutional Partnerships and is thrilled to working with Global Experiences. Carri spent 13 years working at the Australian Embassy and NAFSA.

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    Peter Ballagh

    Dublin Program Director

    Peter Ballagh is the Location Coordinator and Placement Director for Global Experiences in Dublin. He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and has a background in secondary school teaching and intellectual disability training.

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    Chrissie Friedrichsen

    Program Advisor

    Chrissie Friedrichsen is a Program Advisor at Global Experiences and responsible for helping interns prepare for their internship program.  Before moving into this role, she also worked as an Internship Consultant for two and a half years.

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    Brian Brinkman

    Program Advisor

    Brian is a Program Advisor  at Global Experiences who discovered his passion for international travel during his time at The University of Montana while studying European & Islamic History.

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    Carlie Kidd

    Admissions Counselor

    A Senior Admissions Counselor for Global Experiences, Carlie has a passion for traveling, exploring new places, and meeting new people.

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    Augusta Viccellio

    Admissions Counselor

    Augusta Viccellio is an Admissions Counselor who loves traveling, learning about new cultures, and getting lost in new cities!

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    Stephanie Perry

    Admissions Counselor

    Stephanie Perry is an Admissions Counselor for Global Experiences. She graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and has traveled to Ireland, Germany, Spain and Austria.

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    Jen Mackin

    Admissions Counselor

    Jen Mackin is an Admissions Counselor for Global Experiences.  She graduated with a B.A. in history from Ursinus College and was previously a teacher.

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    Jaci Corvino

    Account Manager

    Jaci Corvino is our Human Resources and Accounts Administrator. Jaci is on target to graduate with a BS in Business Administration from the University of Maryland University College.

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    Amy Wilson

    Placement Coordinator

    Amy is a longtime staff member of Global Experiences and works on special projects. She is an avid traveler, whose recent destinations include South Africa and Portugal.

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    Manzoor Ahmed

    IT and Web Administrator

    Manzoor is Global Experiences’ IT and Web Developer, having wrapped up his degree at CCBC in Baltimore. Manzoor is originally from Pakistan and has lived there, in New York, Sacramento, and LA before coming to Maryland.

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    Joe Gruendl


    Joe is the CFO of Global Experiences, and has been managing the organization’s financial health and long term planning since 2009.

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    Anna Fornabaio

    Florence Program Director

    Anna Fornabaio is the Program Director in Florence. She is the longest tenured employee and has been with Global Experiences for years. She is responsible for the extensive employer relationships in Florence and Milan.

    Debi DeBacco

    Location Coordinator for NYC

    Debi DeBacco is Location Coordinator for New York City.  She oversees the interns while they are  in New York; helping them navigate working and living in the Big Apple and planning awesome social events.

    Claire Betts

    London Program Director

    Claire Betts is the Program Director in London UK. She is responsible for the extensive database of employers in London and helps facilitate our custom match making process.

    Jordan Caley

    Paris Location Coordinator

    Jordan Caley is the Location Coordinator in Paris. As an American living in Paris she acts as the central point of contact for all participants and prides herself in showing off “insider Paris”.

    Amanda Dales

    London Location Coordinator

    Amanda is the Location Coordinator for Global Experiences in London. She holds a BA in International Studies from Emory University, and received her MA in Theatre Studies from the University of Greenwich (UK).

    Eleonora Macavero

    MIlan Location Coordinator

    Eleonora Macavero is the Location Coordinator in Milan. As a Milan native she provides the support and resources for program participants and ensures they have the tools to be successful.