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About Rome Internships

Global Experiences internships in Rome provide a very unique opportunity to get valuable work experience in one of the most amazing and important cities in world history.

Rome is the eternal city and home to an ancient history with traditions that can be seen worldwide. As the capital city of Italy, Rome is the center for government and many small and medium size businesses, but Rome still retains its “life is good” Mediterranean feel. Rome is a city you fall in love with forever and many never leave once they find their place.

The Rome internship program offers the chance to really immerse oneself in the people and culture of the city through a combination of language training and professional work placement in your chosen career field. Global Experiences Rome internship program is designed for the independent and confident traveler and someone for whom only a city like Rome will do.

The program offers all the key components needed to experience La dolce vita, with a guaranteed customized internship, intensive Italian language lessons, accommodation in a single room in a shared apartment, on the ground support, and an amazing personal and professional experience second to none.

Rome Program Inclusions

Our comprehensive international internship programs in Milan provide much more than just your customized guaranteed internship. While Global Experiences focus heavily on matching you with the best employer to provide a dream work experience, a wide range of other program components are offered to enhance the overall experience.

Guranteed Custom Internship Placement

At Global Experiences, we guarantee placement to all participants accepted into its internship programs. Similar to traditional recruitment companies, we work with each applicant on a one-to-one basis to understand their skills, talents and expectations. By getting to know an applicant’s academic background, career objectives, language proficiency (where relevant) and overall expectations for their experience abroad, we are able to place each individual in a dynamic work environment providing real world work experience. We help each prospective intern create an effective resume, prepare for an interview with potential employers, and prepare for their experience living and working abroad. In Rome, in person interviews are arranged during the first month of the program once language levels and career goals are assessed.

Intensive Italian Language Training

All language training in Rome takes place at our partner school based in a historic palazzo in a beautiful Italian piazza. This fully accredited course is provided by one of the most respected Italian Language training institutions in Italy and is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education to teach Italian language and culture to foreign students. Program participants will take part in full immersion style studying, in which classes are taught only in Italian providing each participant the best opportunity to truly learn the language.

During the first part of the program, each program participant will receive 20 sessions per week of intensive Italian language training in a group setting at our language school. All participants are expected to start studying before arrival in Italy to better prepare for the experience.


Included in all Rome programs is accommodation in a single room in an apartment, in a modified home-stay setting. No accommodation programs are also available. Please refer to the Housing section for more details.

Other Important Inclusions

  • Optional academic credit provided by accredited US university. Inquire further with a program consultant
  • Travel Medical Insurance (Emergency Medical + Personal Liability) valid for the length of your program
  • Mobile Phone
  • Internet access at the language school
  • On the ground support & 24/7 emergency contact
  • Information and assistance obtaining required visa (as necessary)
  • Welcome social event and orientation meeting
  • Extensive pre-departure information provided by program consultants and online portal
  • Dedicated program coordinator to prepare you for your program

Career Fields Available in Rome

We offer a wide range of career field options in Rome . If you do not see yours listed below please contact a program consultant as we are able to find placements in other areas.

Career Fields in Rome

Rome Internship Program Eligibility

Participants in the Rome internship program are required to be 19-30 years old at the start of the program and have had some relevant coursework in their preferred field of internship placement.

Visa Eligibility

Global Experiences can accept those listed below into the Italy Program. All non-European citizens must obtain an Italy study visa to take part in the internship program, which we can help you attain.

The following chart provides more detailed information regarding program eligibility (including Global Experiences and Country visa requirements):

Study Visa required Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Macao, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Singapore, South Korea, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela
  • Valid Passport
  • 19-30 yrs
  • Evidence of financial ability to support oneself

Eligibility and acceptance is determined based on a completed application form and formal acceptance into the program.

Rome Internships Schedule

The following is a schedule of Dates & Fees for the Rome internships.

Our Placement Process

Global Experiences excels at matching each intern with the best employer by learning about YOU and YOUR expectations of your experience abroad. There is not another group or company that does this as well as Global Experiences.

Finding the career that is right for you is a journey that will last a lifetime. Global Experiences takes you on the first step of this journey helping you identify your personal and professional skills and giving you the tools to apply those in a real world work experience placement.

Global Experiences does not place you with just any company, but rather conducts a comprehensive consultation to understand your academic background, career objectives, language proficiency (where relevant) and whether you are interested primarily in the cultural travel experience or the professional development opportunity. Getting to know you and understanding all of these variables help identify the best internship to serve your needs and expectations.

We work with thousands of employers worldwide covering a broad range of academic and career fields. Once you inquire with Global Experiences, we learn as much about you and convey the types of placements that are available. We are generally able to let you know in our first contact whether you are a good candidate for our program. As we guarantee our internships, Global Experiences will not accept you into the program unless we are confident about finding a suitable placement.

Once you are accepted into the program and pay your program deposit, Global Experiences will immediately begin formalizing your internship placement. We will work with you to create an effective resume, prepare for an interview (required for many placements), and organize the documentation required to secure your visa. All participants will have access to a portal of pre-departure information that will help prepare you for your Global Experience.

Placements in Rome require an in-person interview during the first few weeks of the language training component. Typically, Global Experiences has indentified a minimum of 2 or 3 companies that would be suitable for each applicant. These in person interviews are typically more due to the ‘handshake’ business culture of Italy than Global Experiences policies. Rest assured, Global Experiences has an excellent track record at placing interns with the best employers in Rome for many years.

Summary of Placement Process

  • Determine your program eligibility (see eligibility page)
  • Submit an inquiry form to connect with a program consultant
  • Submit application form as soon as possible for your preferred dates and pay $50 application fee
  • Receive acceptance into the program
  • Pay $1000 deposit to reserve your place in the program
  • Begin preparation process for internship and apply for your visa (as necessary)
  • Complete application steps and make final fee payment. Payment plans are available.
  • Arrive in Rome to start your program

Housing in Rome

The accommodations in Rome consist of a single room in a shared apartment. Apartments have a shared kitchen and bathroom while most household amenities are provided for you. You will be living in a modified home-stay setting in which you can typically expect to be sharing with a young professional or single person. All you need to bring is a towel and personal items.

Residential housing in Rome is mostly in historic buildings. The character of each apartment varies throughout the city and no two apartments are the same. Apartments are close to public transportation.

Academic Credit

Yes, you can earn academic credit for this program. There are two ways to obtain credit for a Global Experiences program; transfer credit from our foreign institutional partners or earn independent study credit from our US-based affiliate university, Eastern Washington University. One may also combine foreign transfer credit with independent study credit. The best credit option will be determined by your home university and academic advisor.

More information regarding academic credit options.

Rome Testimonials

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