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Global Experiences Paris Language and Internship Program will take you to the City of Lights as more than just a tourist. Live the life you have dreamed of, walking the cobbled streets of the world's most romantic city. Internships in Paris will leave you immersed in the French culture and business environment, improving your language proficiency and gaining professional skills in your chosen career field. This program will enhance your resume by differentiating you and your skill sets from the millions of others entering the workforce each year.

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About Internships in Paris

Global Experiences Paris Language and Internship Program will take you to the City of Lights as more than just a tourist. Live the life you have dreamed of, walking the cobbled streets of the world's most romantic city. As an intern in Paris you will be immersed in the French culture and business environment, improving your language proficiency and gaining professional skills in your chosen career field. This program will enhance your resume by differentiating you and your skill sets from the millions of others entering the workforce each year.

Paris is one of the most competitive internship locations in the world, but through Global Experiences' network of businesses and organizations, we will find a great internship match for all participants accepted into the program.

A city of more than 2 million, Paris is home to iconic sites such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Montmartre while also serving as the center for French business and government. Paris offers countless cultural and tourist experiences, including the famous Louvre museum, the Paris Ballet, and modern cultural icons such as the Pompidou center and the Picasso Museum.

Paris Internship placements are available in a wide range of companies and career fields. Placements are customized according to each participant's career goals and expectations. Programs are typically 10 or 12 weeks in length with some longer programs available upon request. Acceptance is competitive, based on your academic background, career goals, French language proficiency and relevant work experience. Applicants must also be a current university student in order to be eligible for all Paris programs.

Academic Credit

Yes, you can earn academic credit for this program. The best credit option will be determined by your home university and academic advisor, and we can work with you to determine if credit through your school is possible. The other way is to earn independent credit from our US-based affiliate university, Eastern Washington University. We will work with you and your school to attain credit if possible and help you navigate the process.

More information regarding academic credit options.

Internships Schedule

The following is a schedule of Dates & Fees for the Paris internships.

Program Name: Paris: France: 12 weeks (Fall)

Start date: 08/31/2014
USD Cost: $8,990

Program Name: Paris: France: 12 weeks (Spring)

Start date: 01/11/2015
USD Cost: $8,990

Program Name: Paris: France: 10 weeks (Summer 2015)

Start date: 05/17/2015
USD Cost: $7,990

Internship FAQs

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What is included in the program fees?

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Do I have to be a US citizen, or can other nationalities participate?

Are there age limits for the programs? What is the average age?

Will I have free time during my program?

How do I apply?

Paris Internship Program Inclusions

Our comprehensive program provides much more than just a customized guaranteed internship in Paris. Global Experiences focus on matching you with the best employer for a great practical work experience, but also includes a wide range of other components to enhance the overall value of the program.

Guaranteed Custom Internship Placement

At Global Experiences, we guarantee placement to all participants accepted into its Paris internship programs. Similar to traditional recruitment companies, we work with each applicant on a one-to-one basis to match him/her with the best employer in the prospective career field. By getting to know each individual applicant, we are able to learn more about his/her educational background, French language proficiency, career objectives, and cultural expectations. We help each prospective intern create an effective resume, prepare for an interview with potential employers, and prepare for their experience living and working abroad.

Intensive French Language Training

Each program participant will receive 20 group sessions per week of intensive French language training during the first part of the program. French language training length depends on each program type and the proficiency of each respective applicant. Program participants will take part in full immersion style studying, in which classes are taught only in French. Your language skills will improve quickly as a result, allowing you to perform well in your internship component. The language school is located on La Rive Gauche (The Left Bank) and is accredited by the French Ministry of Education.

Excursions and Social Events

Global Experiences wants you to work hard and also play hard with our excursion and activities calendar designed to maximize your time abroad. Global Experiences offers travel resources to fill your social calendar. Consult one of our program coordinators to learn what is included in your program of interest (activities will vary depending on the time of year). All programs include a variety of social opportunities to make the most of your internship in Paris.

Previous events have included everything from networking events to dinner cruises on the Seine to day trips to Versailles.

Example Events (actual events offered may differ)
Versailles Palace TBD
Lounge dinner on the Seine River TBD
Loire Valley Castles TBD
Dinner at La Coupole TBD

Housing in Paris

Paris accommodation is a single room in a home stay. This accommodation package includes breakfast each day. All home stays are located in close proximity to public transport. Living in a home stay environment gives you the opportunity to experience French culture and practice your French skills while also having the independence to enjoy your time abroad. Each participant is carefully matched to the right home stay taking into account preferences, interests, and special requests.

Home stays may be in an apartment or a house, but all will be accessible by the Paris metro in safe residential areas throughout the city.

Other Important Inclusions

  • Optional academic credit provided by accredited US university. Inquire further with a program consultant
  • Travel Medical Insurance (Emergency Medical + Personal Liability) valid for the length of your program
  • Mobile Phone
  • Internet access at the language school
  • On the ground support & 24/7 emergency contact
  • Information and assistance obtaining required visa (as necessary)
  • Welcome social event and orientation meeting
  • Extensive pre-departure information provided by enrollment coordinator and online portal
  • Dedicated program coordinator to prepare you for your program

Career Fields Available in Paris

We offer a wide range of career field options in Paris. If you do not see yours listed below please contact a program consultant as we are able to find placements in other areas.

Career Fields in Paris


Advertising for an International Education Company

This company works in international post-graduate education. They have international rankings for universities and specific programs around the world. The advertising role will consist of expanding their client base in places like South America, and translating their various outreach efforts to ensure the proper message is conveyed.

Ideal candidates: English and French skills are a must for translation. Spanish and Portuguese skills are a bonus, as the company works with South America.

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Marketing/PR for an international Education Company

An international education resource, this web based firm provides a hub for valuable information about business schools worldwide. Students looking to pursue an international business degree frequent this sight. They are looking for a marketing/PR intern to work in their marketing department in a "new aged" marketing capacity

Ideal Candidate: Marketing or PR majors with French moderate french, and an interest in new media (web based) marketing.

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Art, Art Museums and Galleries

Art Gallery Management in Downtown Paris

A hip, modern gallery is looking for an intern with an interest in the art world. The gallery hosts a huge variety of artists and events. The intern will get to prepare for new art reviews, organize an exposition of young artists in Deauville, create brochures, visit artists, send out invitations, help with art openings, correct English, choose pictures for magazines and a number of other tasks. Interns will truly immerse themselves in the Parisian art world.

Ideal Candidate: Business, art, or gallery background, and the ability to be flexible in this varied role. Moderate French is required, with greater proficiency offering greater opportunities.

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Rapidly expanding startup revolutionizing the luxury hotel booking business.

This young company is taking the luxury hotel market by storm with a revolutionary concept of booking for clients with specific requirements. They have reached a critical juncture in terms of growth and are ready for an ambitious candidate to come in and work with business development.

Ideal Candidate:The ideal candidate is motivated and not afraid to work with luxury hotels the world over, has an excellent command of the English language both spoken and written, and has a flair for marketing/communications. Other languages a plus.

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Communications (TV/Radio)

Unique Communications Based Position with a Parisian Accelerator

This organization accelerates the emergence of talented storytellers through a three-month mentoring program that empowers them with the creative and entrepreneurial skills to connect with their natural audience and triumph in the future of cinema and transmedia. They are an initiative of a french nonprofit startup on a mission to change the world through innovation and creation of social value by fostering entrepreneurship and people’s participation in cultural dialogue.

Ideal Candidate: Ideal candidate will be of any major with a genuine interest in what the organization does. Intern will have to fit in with the company's mission and vision. Candidate should be outgoing and needs to love working with people in an ever-changing accelerator environment.

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Event Planning

Cross-Cultural Event Planning

Founded in 1873, the mission of this international organization is to promote Franco-British trade and to assist companies in developing their activities on both sides of the Channel. As a fully integrated member of the team, this role blends event planning with international relations. The chosen intern will be assigned to the communication and events department to assist in the preparation of events, layout of documents for presentation and daily administrative management.

Advanced French (and English) skills are required, as well as coursework or experience in Event Planning.

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Fashion Business

Premiere Bridal Store in the Heart of Paris

This internship is with a unique Parisian multi-label concept store offering luxury cocktail and evening dresses as well as wedding gowns, accessories, jewelry and shoes. This is a fabulous store in the middle of the fashion district in Paris. The intern will be mainly based in the store itself and will work alongside two experienced fashion professionals, working with customers and assisting with merchandising and store layout. Those interested in understanding how a luxury store functions will enjoy this well-rounded placement. In the beginning the intern will be assisting the staff, and specifically assisting with the bridal wear section, but may progress to work independently in this section. This unique placement is English speaking friendly! REQUIREMENTS: Minimum Sophomore standing, relevant background in fashion business/merchandising/marketing. Beginner French is acceptable.

Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate will have a background in fashion and a desire to work with bridal-wear. Some French language skills absolutely necessary.

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Fashion Business

Online Fashion Marketing

This online fashion company based in Paris offers a unique insight into the European and French fashion industry. This internship has two principal areas of focus: marketing and sales & customer service. Interns will report to the Head of Marketing and tasks may include: Assistance with website optimization (Google AdWords) to continuously improve the shopping experience; Help in marketing initiatives: newsletters, customer surveys, customer enrollment and loyalty programs and other initiatives; Market watch and research to determine trends; Provide support to clients by phone and email: understanding client needs, taking orders, managing returns and exchanges, dealing with issues, and monitoring results; Provide feedback to the marketing team and contribute to campaign development There is the opportunity to contribute to the editorial department if the intern possesses strong writing skills and an interest or background in fashion journalism.

Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate will possess native English skills and a basic foundation in French. They must be interested in the business side of fashion. Strong writing and customer service skills are preferred. A related educational background like marketing or fashion business is helpful, but not necessary. Someone who is smart, willing, and modest will do well in the working environment.

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Film and Theater

Film Production for a Parisian Film Studio

This film production company's goal is to produce documentaries, dramas, and corporate films that bear witness to great human adventures. Their films explore the discovery and understanding of the world and its history, and investigate contemporary issues. An intern lucky enough to find themselves in this placement will be working with a French film production team, learning every aspect.

Ideal Candidate: Interns should speak an advanced level of French to follow directions on set. Video or audio production skills, and experience working on films is ideal.

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Graphic Design

Film Festival with Worldwide Audience

This independent film festival continues its commitment of being at the center of discovery, promotion and projection of the very best independent filmmaking talent from around the world. It has established itself as a fantastic arena for independent filmmakers to screen their films to large audiences who are seeking alternatives to the offerings of major studios, as well as to agents, talent scouts, production company representatives, distributors and established producers looking for new projects and raw talent. Working with a team of creative and dedicated individuals, this position will focus on creating and fostering visual ads, posters and brochures that promote the festival as well as the parent production company.

This intern will need to work well in a small office of those who are passionate about film making and dedicated to the organization. The intern must be willing to work hard, work well with the team, but also able to work independently.

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Hospitality/Travel/Tourism: Paris

High profile tourism company catering to wealthy and famous clients

This well established travel and tourism company catering to well-known clients in Paris is looking to add a valued team member who has the attitude to liaise with their customers.

Well-dressed, intelligent, organized guide sought for reputable travel and tourism agency catering to political officials, celebrities and wealthy clients. Must have strong English and French skills as interpreting and translation is a critical component.

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Journalism: Paris

Sports Journalism for the European Soccer Leagues

This innovative company provides software to the major European soccer (football) leagues, and is also a news source for the goings on. This cool journalism placement will have interns reporting on the various soccer leagues in both English and French, providing a fast paced, exciting atmosphere to immerse oneself in the sports journalism world and improve their writing skills. The intern will become a true European football expert!

Ideal Candidate: An expert writer with proficiency in French and a true passion for the sport of soccer will find success in this role.

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Human Rights & Translation/h4>

This international nonprofit advocacy group raises funds and provides opportunities for underprivileged and abused children. The law intern will take on both a legal and translator capacity, making sure that the organization's English publications translate well. This may include compiling legal documents on a particular children’s rights issue and translating those documents from French to English as well as updating the website.

Ideal candidate: A pre-law or law student interested in human rights and children's issues. Advanced French skills are required for translation work.

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Public Relations

Public Relations in Paris

Founded in 1984, this public relations and communication agency specializes in International and Pan-European campaigns. Areas of expertise include press & public relations, communication strategies and event management services. The company represents 30 major clients throughout its fashion, beauty and luxury divisions. Tasks may include: work on various campaigns, writing press releases, coordinating events, and liaising with clients.

The ideal candidate will have strong writing skills and a background in PR. An interest in luxury goods and fashion is a plus. Intermediate to advanced French skills required.

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Sports Administration

Business Role with the French National Sports Complex

This major sports complex in France, responsible for Olympic athlete training, has a role for a student in either business, communications, or social services. Those with an interest in sport will obtain experience working in an established sports institution in a varied role that has room to grow based on the intern's expertise.

Ideal Candidate: Advanced French and ability to translate accurately. Business, Communications, or Social Services majors.

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Video Production

Video Production for a Luxury Goods Advertiser

This firm is a creative production company for art and luxury industries with exclusive clients like Armani and Dior. Interns with good French skills will obtain first-hand video production experience in a prestigious and exclusive firm by working closely as a junior producer on research and various current projects.

Ideal Candidate: Advanced Video Production skills in software like Final Cut Pro. Advanced French Proficiency is preferred.

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Paris Internship Program Eligibility

Participants eligible for internships in Paris are required to be 19-30 years of age, have at least two semesters of French language experience, and some relevant coursework in their preferred internship career field. All applicants must also be a current university student or a very recent graduate to secure the required visa. If you are uncertain regarding your eligibility please inquire with a program consultant.

Visa Eligibility

Global Experiences can accept those listed below into the Paris Program.

The following chart provides more detailed information regarding program eligibility (including Global Experiences and Country visa requirements):

No Visa Required Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Ecuador, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, Saint-Marin, Singapore, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela
  • Valid Passport
  • 19-30 yrs
  • Fluency or very high level proficiency in spoken and written French
  • Evidence of financial ability to support oneself
  • Must be currently enrolled as a full-time student in a university or college

Eligibility and acceptance is determined based on a completed application form and formal acceptance into the program.


Dozens of students have made the choice to pursue internships in and all of them have a story. Check out the testimonials of some of our students and learn just how much they enjoyed this once in a lifetime adventure.


Our Placement Process

We excel at matching each intern with the best employer by learning about you and your expectations of your experience abroad. There is not another group or company that does this as well as Global Experiences.

Finding the career that is right for you is a journey that may last a lifetime. Global Experiences will help you identify your personal and professional interests and skills while affording you an opportunity to apply those in a real world work environment.

Global Experiences does not place you with just any company, but rather walks you through a comprehensive consultation to understand your academic background, learning and career objectives, language proficiency (where relevant), and whether you are interested primarily in the cultural travel experience or the professional development opportunity. Getting to know you and understanding all of these variables helps Global Experiences identify the internship that will best serve your needs and expectations.

We work with thousands of employers worldwide covering a broad range of academic and career fields. Once you inquire with Global Experiences, we learn as much about you and convey the types of placements that are available. We are generally able to let you know in our first contact whether you are a good candidate for our program. As we guarantee our internships, Global Experiences will not accept you into the program unless we are confident about finding a suitable placement.

Once you are accepted into the program and pay your program deposit, Global Experiences will immediately begin formalizing your internship placement. We will work with you to create an effective resume, prepare for an interview, and organize the documentation required to secure your visa. All participants will have access to a portal of pre-departure information that will help prepare you for your Global Experience.

Paris Internships Schedule

The following is a schedule of Dates & Fees for the Paris internships.

Program Name: Paris: France: 10 weeks (Summer)

Start date: 05/18/2014
End date: 07/26/2014
USD Cost: $7,990.00

Program Name: Paris: France: 12 weeks (Fall)

Start date: 08/31/2014
End date: 11/22/2014
USD Cost: $8,990.00

Program Name: Paris: France: 12 weeks (Spring)

Start date: 01/11/2015
End date: 04/04/2015
USD Cost: $8,990.00

How to Apply

While career development and true cultural immersion are lifelong endeavors, we make the process of securing an international internship quick and easy. Five simple steps and you will be involved in an unforgettable experience that will truly give you an edge in life.

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