Overseas Partners and Alliances

A successful international program always involves many people and many relationships. In addition to our locally employed staff, Global Experiences works with a number of partners in each of our destinations. Global Experiences ensures its programs deliver high quality, consistent services by working with only the most reputable, reliable and recognized foreign educational institutions and organizations.

Global Experiences works exclusively with language schools and educational institutions that are recognized by their national educational standards body (Ministry of Education or otherwise), and that deliver high quality teaching and learning outcomes. We regularly visit our partners to ensure long-term successful and accountable partnerships. Experiences are also monitored through close surveying of students before, during and following their participation in a course or program.

Global Experiences also works with a variety of housing partners and tour operators to help deliver its programs. Before any component is included into our programs we have conducted site visits and service screening to ensure they live up to our high expectations.

Our partners are the best the world has to offer for their respective expertise.