How Refer-A-Friend Works

GE Currently Enrolled Interns - are you looking forward to your international internship adventure and want your friends to join in on the fun? Or, are you preparing for our virtual internship program and think of others that would benefit from a remote internship as well?

GE Alumni - have you wanted to encourage your friends to have the same experience of a lifetime interning abroad as you did?

With our Refer-a-Friend Program, there's great news for all! When you refer-a-friend to go on a Global Experiences Internship Program:

  • They will get a $300 discount off their intern abroad program tuition.
  • They will get a $100 discount off their virtual internship program tuition.
  • Currently enrolled in a GE intern abroad program? You will receive a $300 discount off your program tuition as well!
  • Currently enrolled in the GE virtual internship program? You will receive a $100 discount off your program tuition as well!
  • GE Alumni, you will receive a $300 check!

Wondering where to start? Reach out to anyone that you think would benefit from an internship abroad experience. This includes friends, family, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, etc. Your three easy steps are:

1. Share this link on social media ( Tweet, Instagram, make a Facebook status, the list goes on!

2. To be sure that you have credit, make sure to let your friends know to state your name and promo code. Promo code information and social media text examples are below!

3.  Enjoy benefits of a program discount or referral check and knowing that you helped a friend intern abroad!

Your promo code will be your friends name and must be used upon applying for the offer to count.

*This offer is valid when a new student enrolls and redeemed following their arrival to their internship program location. Can be combined with other offers.

Share on Social Media

Having writer's block when thinking of what to post on your social media accounts?
Take a look at these text examples for an idea.

GE Alumni

*Insert* your Favorite Abroad Picture

As some of you may already know, I interned abroad with Global Experiences in *intern abroad city*, and it was a life-changing experience. *Tell your audience a little about your internship, your favorite parts, anything that you'd want them to know.* I would love to go abroad again, but now it's your turn! GE has a refer-a-friend program which if you tell them I sent you and the promo code "xx250" you will receive $250 off your internship program tuition! Learn more about GE's International Internship Programs here.


Enrolled Interns

*Insert* Picture of your Internship Abroad Destination

It's only a few more months until I'm traveling to *host city* for my internship abroad with Global Experiences, and I could not be more excited! *Tell your friends what you're most excited about!* Are you also interested in interning in your career field while getting to see the world? Find out more about interning abroad here. 

P.S. If you apply, state my name and use my promo code "xx250" and we'll both receive $250 off our internship program tuition!

Additional Alumni Opportunities

Share your Story

Do you look back at your time abroad and think about how much it has impacted you personally and professionally? What are your favorite international memories from your internship or with your friends? We'd love to hear about your experience!

Take a few moments to fill out our "Share My Story" questionnaire to be featured on our website and social media. We can create your answers into a Student Experience blog that's perfect to share with friends, family, and LinkedIn accounts alike.

Kaylee D

Kaylee D.'s Graphic Design Internship in London

Towson University Senior Kaylee D. Flew across the pond this past Summer for a Graphic Design Internship in a political public affairs agency. The Harry Potter and The Cursed Child theatre attendee met Wimbledon winners and traveled to Stonehenge, Bath, Scotland, and more. Read more about her summer of a lifetime!

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Hannah T

Hannah T.'s Hospitality Internship in Dublin

Ole Miss Senior Hannah T. followed her Event Planning passion to Dublin in Summer '17 for an internship at Radisson Blu St. Helen's Hotel, now known as an Irish National Monument! Read on for just why Hannah describes her placement as her "dream internship" and how it "solidified her path for after graduation!"

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