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Looking to earn credit for interning abroad?

Do you dream of crafting your own international adventure? Have you ever wondered what it is like to live and work abroad?

The partnership between the University of Georgia and Global Experiences gives you the opportunity to intern abroad, plus earn credit and receive a $500 discount off the program tuition!

In our increasingly global market, organizations are looking for well rounded employees who have global experience. An internship abroad is a great way to explore another country while bolstering your resume.

In  today’s competitive job market, an international professional experience is one of the best ways to stay above the competition. An internship abroad will improve your career development and make you stand out to employers.




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Here's What Fellow UGA Students Had to Say

Over the course of a semester, I completed an internship at UCD with Dr. Michael O'Connell. He is a political and social psychologist and researcher. Together, we conducted an experiment on subjective well-being. Overall, the internship was positive and I'd highly recommend it to friends, family, peers, and other students who are interested in developing a career in psychology.

Elizabeth R.

Psychology - Dublin, Ireland - Fall 2015

Elizabeth UGA Dublin Intern Abroad

I was placed with a design studio to study graphic design, textile design, and product design. I was unsure how much I would actually learn as there was a language barrier. My bosses were outstanding, fun, and welcoming, which was a huge relief. I learned a lot from them, the design industry abroad, and most importantly, being able to successfully produce designs even if I couldn't completely communicate with my boss. It was such a rewarding experience! Thanks Global Experiences for a memory that will last a lifetime!!

Ava M.

Graphic Design - Florence, Italy - Summer 2012

Ava UGA Florence Intern Abroad

So how does this work? 

Watch our "How it Works" video and learn about how the Global Experiences program works. This video will give you an insider look on how we match you with your custom internship and get you prepared to intern abroad!

Preparing Bulldogs For The Future

Students looking to position themselves in the global workforce need to build intercultural communication skills and there is no better way than to participate in the Global Experiences Internship Program through the University of Georgia.

Opportunities are available across all majors, and can be credit bearing.

Summer programs are 8 – 10 weeks and semester programs are 12 – 15 weeks depending on location. Language proficiency is not required and in some non-English speaking locations language courses are part of the program. Students participate in a Career Development Program and are matched individually to an internship approved by the Study Abroad office and relevant faculty.

Campus Contact:

Amanda El-Kadi
Education Abroad Advisor
University of Georgia
Office of International Education
(706) 542-2900

AIFS Contact:
Karl Jacobs

Logistical Support Throughout the Program

Logistical Support