Stockholm Internships

Stockholm is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and one with a rich culture. The capital of Sweden is an extremely innovate city full of businesses and startups of all sizes. Some of the world’s most recognizable companies including Spotify, Skype, IKEA, and H&M call Stockholm home. Internships in Sweden are full time and some of our most popular placement fields include IT, communications, journalism, fashion, marketing, and many more are available. With over 90 percent of Swedes speaking fluent English, Stockholm is the perfect city for an international internship.

In the summer months, Stockholm gets 21 hours of sunlight a day and Swedes make sure to take advantage of every minute. Stockholm is an extremely progressive city with extravagant summer festivals and music scene. There will be a concert to attend or a new event to see nearly every day of your internship. An international internship through Global Experiences will change your life and help you find your dream career.

Testimonials from our Stockholm Interns

Britt P. in front of row houses in Copenhagen

Global Experiences makes it possible to not only live in another country but to also gain real work experience. Living and working in places that seem so different from what you are accustomed to really helps you discover who you are as an individual. I highly encourage everyone to take that leap because you will not regret it in the long run.

Britt P.

Monmouth College - Journalism

Dan B. at his internship in Stockholm

Stockholm is the perfect city for an internship, there are a lot of exciting start-ups in the city and other young companies that welcome interns with open arms and make you feel like you belong. Everyone from Global Experiences was incredible and I can’t imagine a better experience. The only bad part about my internship was leaving.

Dan B.

Temple University - Journalism

Katie during her internship in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a wonderful place to have an internship. In regards to working in Stockholm, this is the place to be. You can also expand your networking circle and meet so many new people. I have learned so much about myself and the work world from this internship abroad.

Katie T.

High Point University - Business

Melissa S. on a boat ride in Stockholm

I loved it here in Stockholm. My coworkers invited me out to a lot of events, and I think that is what made my internship so extra special. I learned a lot of great skills to take with me through my future career. I highly recommend a program here.

Melissa S.

University of Texas - NGO

Stockholm Internship Examples

Stockholm offers a wide range of placements and a progressive, modern business culture. Get yourself started by exploring through our multiple career field opportunities. Once you join our program we work with you one-on-one to find the right internship to further your career.

Select Career Field

Marketing for an Edtech Startup

Marketing for an Edtech Startup

Join Stockholm’s leading digital assessment provider that creates, delivers, and grades academic tests. Through a comprehensive and integrated set of tools, the platform makes life easier for instructors and teachers to prepare and grade exams, helps students to take tests more efficiently and saves the environment and institutions money by reducing paper wastage. But where should they further their marketing efforts? What is their messaging? And what’s the ideal cost-per-client after all these efforts are taken? Join the company’s marketing team and find out!

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Digital Media Internship

Digital Media Internship

Intern with this innovative product company that has been featured in Financial Times, Business Week, and Breakit. Completely English friendly, you will work closely the founder and the social media, marketing and brand manager. You will be responsible for digital media, which gives you an opportunity to let your creativity and ideas flow freely. Ideal interns have excessive social media and digital communication skills as well as strong conceptual and strategic thinking skills. Experience preferred in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Hootsuite and Illustrator. Your goal: To increase our brand awareness in our specific target groups and to get influential people in our audience to follow us and write about us.

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Women working on a new project

PR and Brand Management

Gain experience at this full-service PR, event, and communications agency specialized in lifestyle and design. They assist with PR strategies, product PR, branding strategies, press trips, press activities, events, ambassadorships, brand repositioning, social media strategies and showroom facilities. This internship is a great match for an intern with excellent communication and writing skills. Tasks include social media content management, showroom and product management, manage press clippings both printed and social media, contact journalist and stylists, updating the image bank, and write and proof-read press releases.

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Modern architecture like what you might see in Stockholm

Architecture Internship at a firm

This firm’s goal in every design requested is to exceed the client’s vision and expectations. As an intern, take part in many office activities ranging from meeting prospective walk-in clients to drafting preliminary designs and going on-site to make measurements. Collaborate with architects and present to clients utilizing AutoCAD and Photoshop in the most creative ways. This placement will give any architectural student a practical, hands-on experience in the industry.

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Classic architecture in a Swedish church

Architecture Internship at Swedish Studio

Swedish design is where it's at! Step into a small, yet bustling interior design firm as junior architectural designer and help further a client's vision. This firm is an important architectural studio of minimalist Swedish design. From the concept of design to the classic architectonic language, every single part contributes to create the whole. The studio expresses their vision of a 360° approach to living in and interacting with the available space. The ideal candidate for this position will be someone with good interior design and architectural skills (or relevant classwork) and versed in different architecture design programs.

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A view of the New York City skyline from a downtown office

Architecture Internship

This widely skilled architect works on projects throughout the world and wishes to bring on an intern who is interested in a career in internationally sourced architecture projects. Possible tasks may include but are not limited to; the realization of a mood board for the furniture of a hotel in Bali, designing the layout of project presentations with translation in English, and researching possible tower and skyscraper development from Swedish simplicity contexts.

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Interns working at a search engine application internship

Biz Dev at a Search Engine Application

Do you love to cook, but rarely find time to plan? No problem! This start-up gives you daily recommendations matching your food tastes with your budget and cooking availability. As an intern you’ll perform market analysis on where the company should target clients next; develop and optimize processes in the warehouse and fully understand the Swedish playing field and customer needs to help expand this company’s clientele portfolio.

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Businessman working on spread sheets

Business Operations Internship

This organization is a fast-growing startup that is changing the logistics industry and working to create the best delivery experience. With the help of technology, they make it possible for local companies to deliver to their client's door through a wide network of service-minded drivers. Interns will be focused on operations and will be responsible for all key areas of the company including supply chain management, business control, and expansion. Responsibility from the first day on specific tasks within the Operations department include warehouse operations, develop and optimize processes, analyze what we do well and what we can do even better, market analysis, and product development.

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A business meeting where ideas become businesses

Incubator Organization Internship

Intern in this incubator organization that enables talented people to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses specifically within Sweden's technology companies. Interns will focus on business development and assist in client relations, promote their recruitment service, and research international network of investors, business contacts, and experts.

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A busy business plan for a startup

Communication for an Edtech Startup

This organization is the leading digital assessment provider to create, deliver and grade academic tests. Through a comprehensive, integrated set of tools, the platform makes life easier for instructors and teachers to prepare and grade exams, helps students to take tests more efficiently and saves the environment and institutions money by reducing paper wastage. They currently serve over 1600 universities and schools in +60 countries. Interns will assist with market research, data analysis, target client campaigns and outreach.

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Putting important information into a computer

Digital Media Internship

Saddle up with the operations manager on social media, competitive analysis, brand / graphic design, and other tasks and responsibilities related to messaging and concise operations at this business. The intern’s primary responsibility will be a research project focused on selecting where and how to showcase this firm, create content for forums and help center to address client needs, and conduct data analysis regarding materials inquiries from established clients, among other duties. Nothing says “communication” like working in this multinational, very global office!

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A global network in the palm of your hands

PR and Brand Management

Gain experience at this full-service PR, event, and communications agency specialized in lifestyle and design. They assist with PR strategies, product PR, branding strategies, press trips, press activities, events, ambassadorships, brand repositioning, social media strategies and showroom facilities. This internship is a great match for an intern with excellent communication and writing skills. Tasks include social media content management, showroom and product management, manage press clippings both printed and social media, contact journalist and stylists, updating the image bank, and write and proof-read press releases.

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HTML code like what interns will work with in Stockholm

IT Internship at one-stop shop

We specialize in technical support and network services to small businesses and charities. This is an ideal opportunity for a young intern to gain a huge amount of practical technical knowledge in a short time, which would give you an edge in technical interviews when looking for your next job. A PHP / MySQL coding placement will also look great on your CV if you are looking to pursue a career in the IT industry.

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A modern Swedish office for an IT internship

Web Developer Internship

This firm enables talented people to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. They offer coaching support services (you’ll train clients’ staff), some app development, and work closely with the developers and CTO to plan and document test cases for new functionality. To execute those test cases using multiple browsers and to start to deliver automated test cases using Selenium technology. They attract the best innovators and entrepreneurs. Their main clients are IT-based, and you being in the mix of such endeavors can provide unique insight from your native land to solve IT problems and create solutions.

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An office for an IT internship

IT Internship at start-up

Join this budding travel start-up focusing on improving passenger experiences around the world. Thanks to the cooperation with hundreds of transportation services worldwide, they help individuals find the most efficient way to travel to and from airports. A very open office environment provides opportunities for interns to learn from a variety of international staff and make real contributions to the company as a whole. Internship tasks will include but are not limited to, analytical projecting, spatial analysis involving some coding and database work

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Two women interviewing

Journalism Internship

An ultimate guide for things to do in the Swedish capital has been in publication since 1997. With unparalleled listings, incisive features on all facets of culture – both Swedish and international – plus music, film, fashion, food and drink. It's the best guide for people living in or spending time in Stockholm. You'll be assigned a beat to follow, perform interviews, take photos, and focus your story to deliver quality reading for locals and travels alike.

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Working on a blog for a Swedish travel agency

Journalism Internship at travel agency

This travel agency specializes in organizing day trips, weekends away, and fall, and spring break trips for study abroad students in Nordic states. Interns at this fun placement will focus on writing articles for their website / blog, and write and edit content for their social media pages. You will also be in charge of taking photos and managing the social media aspect of the company. Writing articles and blog posts will be on various events in Stockholm, and Nordic culture.

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Journalism Internship

Journalism Internship

If rock, hip-hop, and/or pop culture is your passion and you have the writing skills to convey that enthusiasm, this is a one-of-a-kind internship opportunity. International trade and consumer publication seeks sharp, detail-oriented individuals to write music reviews, attend and blog about local Stockholm shows, and write entertainment previews/profiles. The amount of bylines the student will earn is limited only by his/her writing talent and output. Research for staff writers may also factor into the workload.

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An older neighborhood in Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic Law firm

Work alongside solicitors and other legal persons at a premier Nordic law firm that focuses on significant financial transactions and complex dispute resolution. They serve clients with commitment, creativity, and quality. Typical responsibilities include legal research, drafting, reviewing cases from solicitors, marketing / promotion of the practice, and some administrative duties. The position also offers the opportunity to attend client meetings and court. You will learn the ins and outs of legal life just south of the North Pole!

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Lawyers gathered around to discuss law

Legal Internship

This internship involves preparation of draft legal advice, contracts, and articles; assisting with business development and preparation of training materials regarding key legal developments; and involvement in matter management and client communications. Ideal candidate will be comfortable working with relevant, real-world issues in Sweden and beyond.

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Checking notes and stats at a law internship

Law Internship

This organization's mission is to work with both external companies and their own researchers to promote innovation, knowledge transfer and commercialisation of the organization's findings through licensing and start-up companies. The team provides the critical link between the university and business to help entrepreneurs identify suitable translational research opportunities, consultancy expertise and contract research options. Intern tasks will include researching and developing a database of companies clustered around the key themes of the company. Additional activities may include legal research, market research, evaluating the potential patentability of researcher findings.

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Coworkers huddle together for a meeting

Internship at Non-profit

Unemployed youth have increased exposure to at-risk behaviors and represent wasted potential for communities. Entrepreneurship programs empower youth with invaluable life skills to contribute to their local communities and the wider economy. This not-for-profit social enterprise seeks to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs through inspiration, education, and incubation of kid friendly business ideas. An intern can expect to gain experience with schools to ensure Swedish and immigrant youths are housed with all the materials they need. You'll work with the lead project development manager, a nonprofit seasoned professional in Stockholm.

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A strong team working together

Internship at NGO

This charity is focused on helping NGOs promote their cause and gain the appropriate funding needed to implement change. Their three main areas of NGO development focus on conserving the environment, protecting animals, and non-profit projects that benefit people and communities. Intern tasks may include but are not limited to: Writing marketing texts; building databases and contacting potential partners; coordinating online volunteers; proofreading and translating texts; promoting their main development areas. You'll offer creative solutions to increase visibility of the causes.

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Typing away at a laptop

NGO Internship

This organization offers support services in social justice, human rights, and global development issues. Supporting activist groups and initiatives made up of volunteers from the public in the areas of trade justice, they run regular courses and training workshops for the public and development workers alike. Intern tasks may include: support with the production and editing of their magazine, contributing to their monthly newsletter, preparing and coordinating volunteers overseas, assistance with training courses, and posting to social media.

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What if I don't see my internship career field?

The career fields listed on the website are just a sample of what is available. Even if you don't see what you're looking for, doesn't mean that it's not a possibility. Think about what kind of work you would like to partake in and where your interests lie. Want to find out all your opportunities? Inquire now and one of our knowledgeable Admissions Counselors will get in contact with you. 

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Stockholm Internship Inclusions

Our comprehensive program in Stockholm includes much more than just an internship experience. It is an unforgettable journey for yourself and your vast career opportunities. Global Experiences matches you with the best possible employers in Stockholm and provides you with a range of other program components.

  • The Stockholm Program Experience
  • Guaranteed Internship Placement
  • Career Readiness Program
  • Experience Advisor
  • Centrally Located Housing
  • Travel Support
  • On-Site Programs Team
  • Academic Credit

Man holding a hand sized globe What to Expect from the Stockholm Internship Program

Stockholm is one of the epicenters of the European economy, which has a wealth of exciting businesses that bring new exciting ideas to the world each year. Swedish culture is open, progressive, and will welcome you with open arms. Stockholm is clean, easy to navigate, and geographically positioned to allow you to explore more of Europe during your internship. What to expect? Substantive career experience, a dedicated supervisor mentoring you on site, projects to add to your portfolio, and much more. And of course, an incredible life-changing experience where you can make life-long friends and network with contacts from around the world.

Spend your weekends exploring the beautiful landscape of the country or take weekend trips to the rest of Europe. With nearly 24 hours of daylight each day in Summer and so many unforgettable experiences to have, Stockholm is the perfect city for an international internship. 

Guaranteed InternshipGuaranteed Custom Internship Placement

At Global Experiences, we guarantee an internship to all participants accepted into our internship programs. Admission to the program is based on a combination of relevant college or university level coursework, relevant work experience and an assessment of maturity and readiness for a professional abroad experience.

We work with applicants on a one-to-one basis to understand their skills, talents, and expectations. By getting to know your academic background, career objectives, language proficiency, and overall expectations for your time in Stockholm, we are able to place you in a dynamic work environment providing real-world work experience.

Once a good match is found, all interns will interview by phone or Skype with their supervisor before the placement is confirmed. When you arrive on location and start at your internship, we will help support you and ensure you make the most of your placement including on-site check-ins and coaching.

Global Career Readiness ProgramGlobal Career Readiness Program

Included in all the programs is the award-winning Global Career Readiness Program which combines assessment, coaching and experiences to connect students academic experience with their professional ambitions. We take a Strengths-based approach and focus on helping every participant meet their potential and find a career their love. 

Core Components Include

  • CliftonStrengthsFinder® Assessment
  • On-on-One Career Strengths Coaching
  • Career Webinar Series
  • Goal Setting and Career planning
  • Interview preparation
  • On-Site Career Seminars and Networking Event
  • One Day Global Career Workshop
  • Leadership Training and Recruitment Opportunities

Your Experience AdvisorYour Experience Advisor

Global Experiences is built by a team of passionate and experienced travelers, who love working with our participants to help them get ready for living and interning abroad. We know that it is big step to move to a new city, make new friends, explore a new culture and go to work every day. That is where your program advisor and location coordinator will become your new travel experience advisors, taking care of you from the day you join the program, to the day you head home.

Your advisor will help you prepare for what will become the most life changing experience you may ever have, including helping your navigate through travel bookings, visa requirements, academic credit and financing questions, as well as any nerves you have about living in a new city. We help you get to know the rest of the program group so you can have friends as soon as you arrive on location, and get a head start on weekend travel planning.

Housing in Stockholm

Global Experiences selects the best option available in each program city. Interns in the Stockholm program will be staying as a group in twin share rooms in centrally located student apartments. All apartments are furnished Swedish style with shared access to kitchen facilities.

You can expect Internet WiFi, a bed, cooking utensils, and a desk and chair. GE students of the same gender will share a bedroom with each other. The design uniqueness known in Sweden can be seen in your housing: sharp and simple minimalist living style.


Housing Photo Housing Photo Housing Photo

Travel and Medical InsuranceTravel Support

Included in your program are many essential travel services to help your experience be as easy as possible so you an focus on enjoying your new home and rocking your internship.

Program Inclusions

  • Travel and Medical Insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency support on location 
  • Visa processing support
  • Partnership with STA Travel for discounted and group flights
  • Social and weekend events on location
  • Closed Facebook Groups for every start date so you can get to know your new friends and make plan travels before you arrive

On-Site Programs TeamOn-Site Programs Team

Global Experiences program team in Stockholm are lead by qualified staff that is trained and supervised by our head office in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

Your program coordinator on location will get to know you before you depart and will meet you on arrival in your new home. As a local of the city, all of our location staff are experienced in providing hands-on support to new visitors to the city. There can be lots of adjustments and culture shock when you first arrive, but we are more than ready to help you feel comfortable and get to know the amazing new culture in your new city.

You will have an outline of events and experiences to take part in as well as plenty of opportunities to give your career skills an extra boost so you come home not just as a world traveler, but also ready to take a big step forward in your journey to finding a career you love.

Academic Credit Option

Adding credit can allow students to access existing financial aid options and gain credit towards graduation for many majors. This is suitable for students who attend a university that does not offer credit for internships. For more information please discuss your situation with your program consultant at time of application.

You can add optional transfer credit to your program through our school of record, Fairfield University. 

Option 1: Summer, 3-6 Credits, $600
Option 2: Semester, up to 9 Credits, $900

  • Transfer credit - letter grade or pass / fail. Determined by the home institution.
  • General Elective credit - letter grade or pass / fail.
  • Major credit - transfers as DEPT000 with letter grade.
  • Financial Aid available. 

Dates & Tuition

Get an edge in your career and join us for a summer internship in Stockholm. Review the program dates and prices below and/or get in touch with our team to talk about financing options.


Summer 2020


8 Weeks

Start Date

May 23-July 18

Full Program Tuition

$7,490 USD

2018 Early Admissions
(Enroll by 8/31/2017)

Not Available




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Stockholm, Sweden

Season: Summer 2020

Length: 8 Weeks

Start Date: 05/23/2020

Full Program Tuition: $7,490 USD

2019 Early Admissions: Coming Soon

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Available Sessions

August 1st - December 15th (8 weeks)

$ 8,900

Sold Out

Sold Out

2018 Early Admissions: $7,990 USD

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Available Sessions

August 1st - December 15th (8 weeks)

$ 8,900

Sold Out

Sold Out

2018 Early Admissions: $7,990 USD

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Available Sessions

August 1st - December 15th (8 weeks)

$ 8,900

Sold Out

Sold Out

2018 Early Admissions: $6,990 USD

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How To Earn Credit?

All Global Experiences' international internship programs are designed to complement a student's academic degree program. You could earn credit from your own institution, from our School of Record, or one of our partner schools.

There are many options for gaining credit and securing financial aid for your internship abroad program and we're happy to help you find what works best for you.


Students work on getting credit for an international internship

Life as an Intern in Stockholm

Exploring Stockholmm
first day at work
Exploring Sweden
Public Transportation
group photo
arriving at work
Wish me luck!
National Day

How It Works

When you are applying for our program, you will follow a step-by-step process. Once we learn more about your background and future goals we can match you with the best host company and location for your internship abroad. From application to arrival, we'll be there to guide you.

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Find Out If You’re Eligible

Those wishing to participate in an internship in Stockholm must be at least 18 years of age and have relevant university coursework and/or experience within their chosen internship field.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your eligibility for an internship program.

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Your experience begins here! Take the first step toward a better resume and life-changing international internship with Global Experiences.

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