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Want to Get Credit for Interning Abroad?

Through Global Experiences award winning career development program, Fashion Institute of Technology students can now earn credit for an international internship. Global Experiences has been helping university students intern abroad since 2001, and has over 7,000 alumni made up of students just like you.

A majority of students will have 2-4 domestic internships; be part of the 1% that have international work experience. An internship abroad proves to employers that you are passionate about your career field, you are open-minded, flexible, and that you are adaptable.

The Global Experience program provides students the chance to gain work experience all while living in one of our amazing host cities. 

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Complete the full application through our portal on the right and FIT's Global Experience Enrollment Manager will connect with you shortly. 

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Fashion Business Intern, Bryanna W.,
shares her story interning in Milan, Italy this Summer 2017!

Bryanna interned with a Milan-based designer, Kittima, where she joined in the midst of production for their sixth season launch for Spring-Summer 2018 and got to see the ins and outs of what it really takes to run a fashion business. She even had the opportunity to represent Kittima at an event for Vogue Italia!

Check out her Snapchat takeover video for a day in the life of a Milan intern from start to finish. Watch her video..

Here's What Fellow Fashion Interns Had to Say

I've now done two internships with Global Experiences (London and New York) and the internship I recently had in New York was brilliant. Global Experiences is very hands on, and strives to make sure you get a wonderful internship and experience. I worked in the fashion field and instantly fell in love with my work, and the city. Each day was exciting and full of tasks that I knew were important, not something mundane like fetching coffee. I've made lasting connections and added to my resume. Not bad for a recent college grad!

Katie N.

Fashion Business - London, England and New York City, USA

New York City fashion intern Katie standing in front of wardrobe

I always knew I was interested in going abroad so when I researched internships in Barcelona, I was pleased to find a program that does exactly this. Everyone in the program was so genuine and this was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I came into this program with high expectations but did not expect to leave with a completely new outlook on the world and a drive to wanting to continue traveling. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to go out of their comfort zone and try something new!

Grace Z.

Fashion Business - Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Fashion intern Grace

I had an amazing three months in Milan interning at a magazine for English-speakers. I was given a lot of responsibility that is not always offered to interns and I was able to produce print articles and graphic products to add to my portfolio.

Madeline W.

Fashion Marketing - Milan, Italy

Milan Fashion intern with wardrobe

How you can intern abroad!

Learn about how internships work for FIT students on Global Experiences programs! This video will give you an insider look on how we match you with your tailored internship and get you prepared to intern abroad.

So how does this work?

There is no better way to get your foot in the door of the fashion industry than with an internship abroad through Global Experiences and FIT.  

Opportunities are available across all majors, and can be credit bearing.

Students looking to broaden their experience with an internship abroad can apply for placements in Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, and Stockholm in the Summer term and receive 3 credits. Students should plan to work directly with the Psychology department to confirm the credit process. 

Summer programs are 8-10 weeks and semester programs are 12-15 weeks depending on location. Language proficiency is not required and in some non-English speaking locations language courses are part of the program. Students participate in a career development program and are matched individually to an internship approved by the Study Abroad office and relevant faculty.

Campus Contact

All interested students please contact: 

Jesse Saba
Coordinator, Summer/Winter Study Abroad Programs, Office of International Programs

Logistical Support Throughout the Program

Logistical Support