Working with Global Experiences 

    Global Experiences has successfully placed international interns with thousands of companies, non-profits, government agencies, and other organizations around the world for many years. We take pride in what we do and provide a level of professionalism and commitment to both you and our prospective interns that is unmatched by any other organization in the world today. There is no fee for the recruitment of international interns and the option to pay each intern is entirely yours.

    Our team initially works to identify the key skillset you are seeking for your workplace, only identifying potential interns that meet and exceed your expectations and specific requirements. We then provide ongoing support to help you deliver a valuable learning experience for each international intern by making sure both parties are prepared and have the assistance necessary to ensure a productive experience.



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    We begin recruiting and providing potential candidate résumés and cover letters for your review.
    review candidates

    Review Candidates

    Review the applicant’s credentials and interview the candidates you are interested in.
    make an offer

    Make An Offer

    Formally offer the internship position to the candidate who best meets your needs.
    prepare for arrival

    Prepare For Arrival

    Prepare for your new intern to start!

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