Carleton University International Internships

How will you stand out from other university graduates?

In partnership with Global Experiences, Carleton University students have even more opportunities to go abroad!

Global Experiences offers award-winning international internship programs in London, Dublin, Berlin, Sydney, Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, Milan, Rome, Paris, New York City, Washington D.C. and San José!

The Global Experiences' program provides you the chance to gain invaluable work experience while living abroad.  An internship abroad proves to employers that you are passionate about your field, you are open-minded and flexible, and that you are adaptable when working with a diverse group of people.

Global Experiences has been sending university students and young professionals abroad for internships since 2001 and have over 8,000 alumni, including fellow Carleton students. We make a guaranteed internship in your career field as easy as possible.

As a dedicated partner of Carleton University, all students receive a $500 (USD) DISCOUNT off the international internship program tuition.


Want to learn more?

ChelseaConranMeet Chelsea, Global Experiences' Enrollment Manager who works with all Carleton University students. She is more than happy to tell you all about our summer internship programs in nearly every career field and in 15 cities around the world!

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Watch: A day in the life of a Carleton University student interning abroad

Aleiya completed a law and legal policy internship with a government non-profit advocacy organization in Washington D.C. Summer 2017.

Check out her Snapchat takeover video to see one of her days interning abroad from start to finish.

Here's What Fellow Interns Had to Say

My internship abroad taught me so much more about myself than I ever imagined. I found how independent and bold I really am. I had the best summer of my life so far in Paris, France. And part of what made it so awesome was the challenges I face while here. I would encourage everyone to try something like this for yourself. It doesn't have to be an internship or study abroad in another country. But find something that's going to push you to recognize parts of yourself you never knew. It's totally worth it.

Claire M.

Texas A&M University - Telecommunications - Paris, France


Interning in Dublin allowed me to gain not only valuable work experience, but enjoy of a colorful and caring culture of Ireland itself. From the energetic and friendly tour guides to the supportive and inspiring staff. Dublin welcomed me as one of its own as I explored, stayed, and lived. Apart from the fantastic internship placement, working on the famous Grafton Street allowed me to discover Dublin in a whole new light. Discover Dublin and Ireland at your own risk. A place this great is hardest to leave.

Chelsea R.

Business - Dublin, Ireland


I aspire to work in the consulting field and getting on the job experience while crucial to securing a job, is not very easy to find. The staff at Global Experiences was incredibly honest with me during my application process. I was beyond ecstatic when I found out I had secured the position with the such an organization. The experience I gained through working with this company was irreplaceable; I feel much more confident going into my job search now. I have learned skills that will not only assist me in my professional career but also just help regarding living life in our ever increasingly globalized society.

Morgan C.

Business - Milan, Italy


So how does this work?

If you are looking to position yourself in the global workforce and gain hands-on work experience before you graduate, then interning abroad is for you!

International Internships are available across all majors and can be credit bearing.

Language proficiency is not required and in non-English speaking locations language courses are part of the program. Students participate in a career development program and are matched individually to an internship approved by the Study Abroad office and relevant faculty. Summer programs are 8 weeks.

Program Location Cost - Summer 2023




*Dublin $6,400 




Galway $5,990
London $6,590
Madrid $5,990
Milan $6,990
**New York City $6,990
Paris $6,990
Rome $5,990
San José $4,990
 Sydney $5,990 
 **Washington, D.C. $6,990 
Worldwide (Virtual) $1,000

All costs are in USD.

Costs reflect the $500 university partner discount to students.
*Dublin: Two housing options with two start dates, summer only.
**New York City & Washington, D.C.: Prices reflect non J-1 visa status.

All interested students contact:


The International Internship Team at

Logistical Support Throughout the Program

Logistical Support and Program Inclusions