Buffalo State Intern Abroad

Thanks for your interest in Buffalo State Internships in Italy! Global Experiences is excited to partner with the Buffalo State to offer this program. Read on for details on dates, logistics, and your spring semester experience.

Spring Program Dates: 

January 6 - March 30:  Program/Housing Dates

January 7 - January 18: Language Course, DuoLingue

January 21 to March 29 : Internship dates 10-week full-time internship

Students will earn 12 credits on this Spring semester program! 6 credits of FTT488 Internship, 3 credits of Italian 101, and 3 credits for a Fashion course to be determined.


Program Costs:

  • $7,770 Global Experiences program fee
  • $3,500 Buffalo State in-state tuition & fees
  • + Estimated flight cost, personal expenses, 
    Buffalo State application fee, program deposit,
    and health insurance

Program Inclusions:
Pre-Departure delivered by Global Experiences:

  • Professional Development Consultation
  • Professional Document Review
  • Strength's Finder Assessment
  • Internship Placement and Preparation

Have questions?

Buffalo State contact:
Melissa Holland
Director, International Education
Buffalo State, The State University of New York
International and Exchange Programs
1300 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 878-6834

AIFS contact:
Chelsea Conran



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Here's What Students Just Like You Had to Say

I got placed at an awesome advertising agency on a marketing role involved in a lot of brand, client, and product research. My internship placement worked out perfectly and Global experiences know what they're doing when they are matching you up to a company. They always make sure you are receiving everything you are looking for so that it turns into a memorable and growing experience.

Another plus was the events that they put on for the interns. We received a welcome party to meet all the interns, multiple day trips, and an exit orientation at the Shard. I chose Global Experiences to help me along; I definitely think London is amazing and my experience could not have gone any better!

Maria M.

Michigan State University - Marketing - London, England

Marketing London Intern Abroad

One of the best experiences. This internship was seriously worth every penny. I could have not picked a better location. Dublin is an amazing city with such rich history as well as modern flair. If you are trying to decide the best location, look into Dublin you will not be sorry. The town is fun and safe. I never once felt uneasy or scared. Global Experiences matched me with my DREAM internship. I learned such vital information and skills that will put me above my competition in the real world. Global Experiences is a great program and I could not recommend it more.

Hannah T.

Ole Miss - Hospitality - Dublin, Ireland

Hospitality Dublin Intern Abroad at Cliffs of Moher

I aspire to work in the consulting field and getting on the job experience while crucial to securing a job, is not very easy to find. The staff at Global Experiences was incredibly honest with me during my application process. I was beyond ecstatic when I found out I had secured the position with the such an organization. The experience I gained through working with this company was irreplaceable; I feel much more confident going into my job search now. I have learned skills that will not only assist me in my professional career but also just help regarding living life in our ever increasingly globalized society.

Morgan C.

Texas A&M - Business - Milan, Italy

Business Milan Intern Abroad at Pisa Italy

So how does this work?

Watch this presentation and learn about how the
Buffalo State Internships in Milan Program works. This video will give you
perspective on how we place you in a customized internship and the overall program details.  


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