You’re 25 years old…. What are you doing with your life??

Mary Hutson is interning in a London theater production company as her capstone for her undergraduate degree. She shares her thoughts on her previous endeavors, and her global experience so far!

"You’re 25 years old…. What are you doing with your life??"

This was not only the question that I often tried to avoid asking myself, but eventually I noticed my family and friends asking the same question. No they wouldn't just flat out ask;  it was more along the lines of “So… when are we going to see kids?” or my favorite “When I was 25 I was married with 3 kids and a husband in the military… what do you do?” What do I do? WHAT DO I DO? Believe me, you don’t think that question is horrible until your sitting on Facebook at 12 am on a Monday night and you notice all your friends are getting married, having kids, starting their careers, etc. then that question hits the pit of your stomach and you are like “What am I doing with my life?”

Now, for someone asking herself this question… I can honestly say I have DONE a lot in my life, but the steps that I took towards a career… well let’s just say I got burnt out on it all.  In 2009, I left my university to pursue my life-long dream of working at Walt Disney World Resorts… it was heaven on earth to me. I literally thought life couldn't be any better. I was performing… doing what I studied for my entire life. I WAS AN ACTRESS! Then, one day I woke up and didn't love it anymore. I've heard horror stories all the time about actors and actresses falling out of love with acting and I thought it could never happen to me; but it did. I eventually quit my job at Disney and went back up to Atlanta, GA where I began apprenticing at a Salon and doing random gigs as a special effects make-up artist. I loved it… but something was still missing. One night I was watching the Les Miserables Anniversary Concert on PBS and I remembered what I had promised myself long ago… you will move back to London and you will be an actress there. You see, that acting itch that actors just can’t shake off came back. Now is the time I should probably say a blurb about how I was in London in 2008, studying theatre, went and saw Les Miserables and knew London was where I wanted to end up(I could literally go on and on about this but I won’t).

That night I began doing research on ways to get back over to London. I was told by a close friend of mine about Global Experiences, so I did my research. I learned not only did they have an amazing reputation, but the interns genuinely loved their jobs. This has always been a big thing for me… being passionate about everything you do. So I called my university and asked them to do some research as well. They told me the same thing I learned. The next day I received a phone call from Alex at Global Experiences and this phone call was truly a blessing in disguise. The main thing that I was concerned about was being 25 and an intern after spending years in the professional world. He immediately put my mind at ease and told me that it gave me a leg up in the placement. So, that was it… I decided, “Heck, I’m going back to school, why not intern in London too?” Not a bad trade off!

Now that I’m back in the city I love, I can’t picture myself anywhere else. My placement is amazing. I work for a wonderful production company, and I have gotten to meet some of the most amazing people, not only in my work environment but also my fellow GE interns. So, I’m 25 and what am I doing with my life? Well, I’m living the life in London and the rest will just fall into place!

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