Why Pay For a Virtual Internship Program?

Molly Haskell

“Why am I paying for an unpaid internship?”

Over the years, this has always been one of our most frequently asked questions - and we understand! For starters, you are getting more than just an internship. Through Global Experiences, you are getting a complete and well-rounded internship and professional development program.

We understand that you might think or your parents might ask you, “why am I paying for you to do a virtual internship?” and we’re here to help! Here are some of the key benefits of our virtual internship program you may not have thought of:

1. Guaranteed remote internship with an international employer

In today’s changing and challenging global environment, it can be a struggle finding work experience during your university studies or after graduating. Whether you’re applying for that first job with no previous work experience on your resume, switching career fields, or simply trying to network on your own - we have all been there.

Getting your foot in the door is a lot about who you know. Global Experiences has been working with employers around the world since we got our start back in 2001. Our expertise and employer network with over 3,000 connections give us the confidence to find you an internship that you will love.

And the best part is--many of the companies who have hosted our interns on the ground, are now eagerly welcoming remote interns!

Virtual internship placements are available across a range of career fields within business, marketing, fashion, STEM, communications, design, and more!

Once enrolled in the program, our dedicated Programs and Placement teams will do all the hard work for you. They will contact an employer that aligns with your personal aspirations and academic and career goals. They will schedule an interview for you and voila!

2. International professional work experience

Since you are looking into an international experience, you understand its importance. But, check this out - less than 1% of US university graduates have international work experience!

Our virtual internship program offers you the opportunity to work with a company in Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, and many of the other countries we’ve sent our interns to over the years.

Imagine working with a Tuscan wedding company, an Irish lacrosse organization, or an environmental impact organization in the Costa Rican rainforest - all from the comfort of your home. Now that is what will set you apart!

3. Professional development and career coaching

Are you job hunting for the first time? Or, have you been applying for job positions for a while and feel stuck not having any luck? This is where we come in!

Through a virtual internship, we include our award-winning professional development program. This program has been designed to help all our intern participants prepare to join the global workforce.

After enrolling, you’ll work with your Program Advisor, who will review your resume and cover letter with you and help prepare you for your interview. You’ll also take the Clifton StrengthsFinders Assessment to find out your top 5 strengths and receive coaching from Gallup certified coaches about your strengths and how to utilize them in the workplace.

As part of the program materials, we have professional development webinars in store to help you adjust to the new normal - remote work. Topics include: how to be a successful intern, workplace cultures around the world, a Strengths workshops, and more.

4. Virtual networking and cultural events

Despite not being able to travel and experience an internship abroad right now, we still wanted to include some fun international events and activities for our virtual intern participants.

We kick-off the program with a virtual welcome orientation, where you will (virtually) meet and network with other intern program participants.

During the program, you’ll enjoy our virtual cross-cultural events. The overseas staff will take you on virtual tours to see and learn about some famous sites around the world - an art tour in Florence, a cooking class of classic Spanish dishes, and more! You'll also have other opportunities to connect with your program cohort and network within your industry.

5. Network with people from around the world

As previously mentioned, getting your foot in the door in the professional world is a lot about who you know. Our virtual internship program gives you the chance to network with people from all around the world and all walks of life.

A virtual internship with an international organization allows you to connect with business professionals who you probably would not have the chance to meet otherwise. You'll work with professionals, teams, and sometimes even clients from other countries. Expanding your network this far opens up many new opportunities!

6. Learn new skills

In the aftermath of the pandemic, employers are looking for staff with a new set of skills. A virtual internship will strengthen your skills in digital literacy and cross-cultural communication, show that you’re independent, hard-working, ambitious, and so much more. Intern with a bilingual company and you could even boost your language skills!

A virtual international internship will benefit you in many ways and make your resume stand out to employers. Don’t wait around for a job to appear, make it happen! Apply for our virtual internship program today!

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