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Be Better, Not Bitter

Global Experiences | July.07.2015

Michele St-Amant, who is our RA in Washington D.C, shares her experience about why recent college graduates should focus more on finding meaningful work experience through an internship, than being upset about the state of the economy.

Part II: Travel Insight from Our Admissions Counselors

Global Experiences | June.29.2015

Last week’s segment of travel insight from our Program Admissions Counselor spoke about what they have learned about their home country through travel. This week our Program Admissions Counselor share what they have learned about themselves through travel.

Australian Students Take on Amazing New York Internship Opportunities

Brian Brinkman | June.22.2015

Workforce readiness. Global Skills. Competency Building. These are buzz words thrown about to students and graduates who are looking to gain a foothold in the working world. Like the chicken/egg conversation, how one gains workforce experience, thus making them a successful job candidate without having a job, can be confounding. But there is a solution that many globally engaged students are using to get an edge for their career.

6 Tips To Jumpstart Your Career

Stephanie Perry | May.15.2015


You have just completed your undergraduate degree. This is an amazing feat! Deservedly, you’re relieved. You’ve spent countless hours in the library, studying through the early mornings and into the late nights. Dedicated what felt like years to endless group projects and papers that you thought might break your soul – but you survived. You can look back at all you have accomplished in school, everything building up for this big day and know that you have finally made it.

The Best Way to Jumpstart a Great Internship Abroad

Brian Brinkman | May.11.2015

So you’ve realized you need an internship, and you know you want to travel, but you’ve got no idea where to start. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Program Review: Deb's Internship in Florence

Alex Paisner | April.27.2015

Deb, a graduating senior at Salisbury University, spent her fall semester interning in Italy for academic credit. Check out her experience and top tips for an internship in Florence!

The Art of the Customized Internship

Liam Paddock | March.20.2015

An international internship has the potential to be brilliant – a mutually beneficial experience that allows both interns and organizations to grow. Interns are afforded priceless, hands-on work experience in a new culture while a company can gain an enthusiastic and talented employee who contributes valuable work for a summer, spring or fall. Of course, if an intern and company are a poor fit it can be rubbish! The experience becomes frustrating and outcomes are not worth the investment – for an intern or the employer. So, for the past 14 years, Global Experiences has been fine-tuning a customized placement process to maximize the international internship experience for everybody involved

Part III: Why You Need an International Internship

Brian Brinkman | March.16.2015

Last week we gave you three more reasons why you need an international internship in the summer of 2016. We hope they helped you once again to take this important step in your life and career!

Part II: Why You Need an International Internship

Brian Brinkman | March.09.2015

Last week we gave you the top three reasons why you need an international internship on your resumé.. We hope they help you to take this important step in your life and career!

Why You Need an Internship Abroad

Brian Brinkman | March.05.2015

While it may seem as though summer will never come, in reality, it’s right around the corner. With summer comes baseball, grilling, beach-time, vacation, and the all-important college internship.

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