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Living Like a Local in New York City

Kristi Philius | June.27.2017

“If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere!” I’m going to assume you’ve heard this a number of times. The Big Apple might seem like a bite bigger than you can chew, but don’t let this phrase intimidate you! We’re here to help you make it while interning in New York City, so you can make it anywhere!

Australian Students Take on Amazing New York Internship Opportunities

Brian Brinkman | June.22.2015

Workforce readiness. Global Skills. Competency Building. These are buzz words thrown about to students and graduates who are looking to gain a foothold in the working world. Like the chicken/egg conversation, how one gains workforce experience, thus making them a successful job candidate without having a job, can be confounding. But there is a solution that many globally engaged students are using to get an edge for their career.

Top 5 Free Things To Do in NYC

Meghan Tankersley | February.19.2014

Appropriately nicknamed the City That Doesn’t Sleep (because there's too much to do!), NYC is constantly abuzz with festivals, markets, shopping, nightlife, and plenty of really unique people to meet. No matter if you decide to spend a few days or a few months interning in New York City, there is no limit to all of the great places you can discover and many of them completely free!

The Life of Public Relations Intern in New York City

Meghan Tankersley | October.29.2013

Karina is completing an internship in PR in NYC this fall. Below is a recap and pictures of  her eventful week  from her blog. 

Australia to NYC: Karina's PR Internship

Meghan Tankersley | October.10.2013

Karina, a Brisbane native, is doing an internship in Public Relations this fall in New York City for a PR and communications agency. Below is a post titled 'The Diary of a PR Intern' from her personal blog. 

Like Alice in Wonderland

Meghan Tankersley | September.21.2012

I never actually wanted to go to New York. I always thought I was such a European girl and that US is so far away from my dreams, interests, habits… my family, my friends...everything that makes me who I am. I thought NYC was too big, too dirty, too fake and overrated.

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