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Words from the Intern: Graphic Design Internship in London

Meghan Tankersley | February.04.2014


Melissa is currently living in London, England and is a graphic design intern for a fashion label. Below is a post from her personal blog about her first day at work and some of her experiences in London through Global Experiences

Australia to NYC: Karina's PR Internship

Meghan Tankersley | October.10.2013

Karina, a Brisbane native, is doing an internship in Public Relations this fall in New York City for a PR and communications agency. Below is a post titled 'The Diary of a PR Intern' from her personal blog. 

Interview With the Intern | Economics Internship

Alex Paisner | July.24.2013

Russell Chang from the University of Southern California is currently doing economics internship with Pro Capital Ltd. in London. Here are some of his thoughts about his experience thus far:

One Week Down in London

Alex Paisner | March.15.2013

London Global Experiences intern Lauren McCurry is spending her Spring doing a marketing internship in London. Here is her week 1 update!

Living and Working in Dublin’s Fair City

Alex Paisner | January.09.2013

Global Experiences' Dublin Location Coordinator Dara give us her insight into living and working in the heart of Ireland: Storied Dublin.

CJ in Sydney

Alex Paisner | December.12.2012


Dartmouth University student CJ Hughes had a business internship at a boutique hotel chain in Sydney this fall. This post is unedited, and direct from the intern.

Vince's Italian Culinary Adventure

Alex Paisner | November.13.2012

Culinary student Vince is interning in Florence this fall. What's it like? What impact has it had? 

Jennifer and Jessica Take London

Alex Paisner | November.09.2012

Intern Jennifer Goswami and her sister Jessica both experienced all that London has to offer in their fall internships. Check out her adventure:

The First Few Days in Dublin

Meghan Tankersley | July.10.2011


I’m in Dublin. I feel like that sentence alone is enough to express the sheer amazing, incredible, outstanding time I am having. Dubliners all have the dispositions to match the beautiful sunny weather I arrived to on Saturday. Once I was out of the airport, I met a cheery bus ticket salesman, then a cheery bus driver, and then a cheery cab driver. By the time, I made it to my flat I was downright chipper. I was greeted by a cheery, though hard to understand with his accent, front desk attendant. By the time I arrived at my accommodations I knew I had made the right choice to intern in Dublin!

Interns Down Under: Ashley's Australian Internship

Global Experiences | August.13.2010



Ashley P. wanted to expand her horizons and learn outside of the classroom. Through Global Experiences, Ashely was able to have an internship abroad in Sydney, Australia. During her internship program, the McHenry County College student traveled all over Australia and had the experience of the lifetime. Ashely wrote a blog about her time abroad to give you a glimpse at the life of an international intern.

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