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Intern Experience: Sarah's Public Relations Internship in Barcelona

Joe Meringolo | January.17.2018

Sarah S. from SUNY - Fredonia knew long before leaving the States how a PR internship in Barcelona would bring out the best of her abilities. “I truly believe that this program can help me gain the skills and connections I need to make my dream come true and I hope to be given the opportunity to do so.” Her dream is to have a positive influence in the world, and in order to do that she knew that it would take hard work that would go beyond an internship. 

The Top 5 Cities for Psychology Internships

Joe Meringolo | November.16.2017

Do you love working with other people? Are you interested in working in a community? Do want to help people who are in need or at risk? Then you’re probably a Psych major!

Snapchat Takeovers: Ben's PR and Marketing Internship in Barcelona

Jessy Shelton | September.18.2017

Any Spaniard worth his siesta has partied in Ibiza. And any tourist worth his tapas has run with the bulls in Pamplona. So of course Elon University junior Ben D. had to cross both of those off his bucket list when he did a Global Experiences program in Barcelona this summer.

The Top Cities for Non-Profit Internships

Kristi Philius | August.22.2017

How awesome is it that people build entire careers around helping other people? The Non-Profit/NGO sector can be extremely fulfilling to be apart of if social impact is something you value as a part of your work experience.

The Top 5 Cities for Marketing Internships

Kristi Philius | July.24.2017

If there is any industry that is undeniably international, it’s marketing! One of the most fascinating things about traveling is having the opportunity to see advertisements for brands you are familiar with in other countries, and discovering the differences in how they brand themselves to different cultures.

Words from the Intern: Allie in Barcelona

Meghan Tankersley | July.15.2014

Allie is a rising senior at Ashland University in Ohio.  Allie is interning in Barcelona this summer with an organization that helps other NGOs market and promote their cause while gaining funding to implement change.  A month into her program, she had the following to share with us. 

A Day of Roses and Books

Meghan Tankersley | April.23.2014

Felic Diada de Sant Jordi or Happy Day of St. Jordi!  Today, April 23rd, is Barcelona's most romantic day of the year where people all over the city celebrate Catalonia’s patron saint St. Jordi  (St. George in Catalan).  Of course, it’s not just Barcelona that celebrates the festival of St. George. He is the patron saint of England, Georgia, Romania, Greece, and several other places. However, Barcelona celebrates the day with a unique flair of culture, love, roses, and books.

A Traveler's Guide to Barcelona

Carlos Christensen | March.05.2014


Barcelona, Spain is a vibrant metropolis filled with colorful architecture, sandy beaches, a thriving nightlife, and plenty of places to sample delicious Catalan food. There is no end to all of the wonderful places and things to see in Barcelona, and we think that some of the best things in life are free. 

6 Reasons You Need to Go to Barcelona

Meghan Tankersley | February.21.2013

There are way more than six reasons to live in Barcelona - but this will get you started:

Pitch Perfect: Fútbol

Alex Paisner | November.26.2012



Soccer, or futbol, is a religion in Barcelona.  Location Rep Nancy shares what it's like to attend a match in this Mecca of sport.

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