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Intern Abroad | From Syracuse to Sydney

Alex Paisner | July.16.2013

James Szuba, originally from Syracuse, New York,  is an international economics intern in Sydney, Australia. He did everything he could to get himself over to the land down under and is now about halfway through his 8 week stay in Sydney.

Barcelona: The Great Enchantress

Alex Paisner | October.23.2012

Global Experiences' Barcelona Location Rep Nancy shares her experience moving to Barcelona.

Aloha, Kate the Conqueror!

Meghan Tankersley | August.30.2012

For those who know who I am, you are reading correctly: Kate the Conqueror is at it again, conquering new land in her name (and those who don't know who I am need to get with it). That's right, interning in Milan with Global Experiences, studying abroad in London, traveling everywhere from Marrakech to Toulon, Cork to Tenerife, Amsterdam to Paris... it all wasn't enough. I'd like to officially give a warm "Aloha" from the beautiful North Shore town of Haleiwa in Hawaii.

Reverse Culture Shock: Why Coming Home Can Be Hard to Handle

Meghan Tankersley | August.17.2012

Fall is coming. Stores are advertising  Back to School specials, the air is permeated with the crisp smell of earth, college football is gearing up (Go Gamecocks), and many of our GE interns have just returned home from an experience abroad. Coming home from living aboard is exciting, but also incredibly sad. As a GE Intern alumna, I know first hand what it can be like to experience living independently in a new, exciting city and then return back to grind of reality. Now that I am a GE employee I wanted to express my personal experiences and advice for those who may experience reverse culture shock, or re-entry shock.

Letter from an Alumn to Parents

Meghan Tankersley | April.18.2012

[Dear Concerned Parent:]

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