Tips and Tales From Around the Globe

One year later: Reflections from a Sydney intern

Kelly Holland | June.30.2016

We love hearing from past participants on their experiences since interning with GE. Below you'll find a reflection from Katie Hunsberger, Summer 2015 Sydney intern. Thanks for sharing, Katie!

Small man in the BIG PARADE

Global Experiences | August.04.2015

After eight weeks living, interning, and traveling Europe, Dublin intern Sarah Wagner has gathered up her defeated fears, international accomplishments, and hopes for her future, to share advice in this blog.

Two Summers. Two Cities. How do they Compare?

Global Experiences | July.27.2015



Michele St-Amant, our RA in Washington D.C., reflects on how her experience living in D.C. has been different, and yet somehow similar, to her experience in London.

Internship Success Stories: Where Are They Now?

Global Experiences | July.20.2015

GE Intern Jenna Hecker caught up with Italy program alum Cassandra Santoro about how her past, present, and future, have been impacted by her international internship.

Australian Students Take on Amazing New York Internship Opportunities

Brian Brinkman | June.22.2015

Workforce readiness. Global Skills. Competency Building. These are buzz words thrown about to students and graduates who are looking to gain a foothold in the working world. Like the chicken/egg conversation, how one gains workforce experience, thus making them a successful job candidate without having a job, can be confounding. But there is a solution that many globally engaged students are using to get an edge for their career.

Program Review: Deb's Internship in Florence

Alex Paisner | April.27.2015

Deb, a graduating senior at Salisbury University, spent her fall semester interning in Italy for academic credit. Check out her experience and top tips for an internship in Florence!

Why Interning in Sydney was the Best Decision

Meghan Tankersley | May.01.2014

Ben completed an internship in Sydney, Australia in the summer of 2013. Below is an interview between Ben and Meghan about his internship, life in Sydney, and  thoughts about Global Experiences. 

Lessons I Learned From Interning Abroad

Emily Merson | March.18.2014

In January 1998, in the summer before my last semester of my BA degree in Political Science and Science and Technology Studies at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, I did a 3-month internship at the United Nations in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was experience that changed my life in so many ways and set me on a path that has lead me to a place I could never have expected.

New York City to Paris to Madrid

Meghan Tankersley | December.05.2013


Terry has completed two Global Experiences internships.  He did an internship in film production in NYC in the summer of 2012 and then he participated in a marketing internship in Paris over the summer of 2013. Terry is currently living in Madrid, Spain getting his masters degree. Below is an email he sent to Global Experiences detailing his internship experience in Paris. You can get started on your own experience here

Letter from Sydney Alumnus

Meghan Tankersley | October.16.2013

Chris completed an internship in a law firm in Sydney, Australia in the summer of 2012. Below is a letter that he wrote to Global Experiences about his international internship experience. Chris is currently continuing to pursue his law degree at Hofstra University: School of Law. 

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