The Beginning - My Internship in London

The Beginning

I am a 23 year old female Canadian law student. I just finished my first year of law at Dalhousie School of Law, and I decided that I wanted to spend my summer doing something different. I have always loved to travel, but I am also very focused and so I wanted to spend my summer doing something that was beneficial to my career but that also allowed me to explore and go a little nuts. For those of you who have experienced law school, you will know exactly what I mean.

After numerous google searches, emails, phone calls and queries, I was accepted into Global Experiences Internship program and I landed a summer position with a barrister in Westminster, Central London.  I will be living and working in England for the summer!

On top of living and having my internship in London, my summer will consist of a lot of travel. As part of my program there are day trips to other areas of England, my job will also take me to various county courts scattered around the area, and several interns and I have planned weekend trips to surrounding cities outside of the UK.  What’s more, I have planned a two week long backpacking trip for myself in August before I return to Canada for the new school year.  This blog is mainly for me to post some of the more interesting things that I do, see or come across while on my Europe adventure.

I fly to London on June 7th 2013, on the red-eye. That’s one week from today. I am so excited; I absolutely love airports. The first time that I flew on a plane was flying from Germany to Canada when I was 3 weeks old; I have loved them ever since. To me, airports represent endless possibilities and exciting new beginnings.


To follow Brenna's adventures during her internship in London you can read her personal blog HERE.

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